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Week Beginning 1st Feb

Hello children, there are a lot of activities to choose from this week. I am looking forward to seeing your lovely photos and videos of what you have chosen. I hope you have a lot of fun!

Topic Exploring seeds

This week we are looking how we can grow potatoes or plant apple seeds. Collect some different fruit and vegetables you can find in your fruit bowl or in the fridge. With some help, cut some fruit in half and find out what is hiding inside. What fruit or vegetables can you find that have seeds? Use a magnifying glass to explore the seeds. Here are some examples that you may want to look at: apples, pears, tomatoes, peppers, peaches and cucumber. Not all fruit have seeds inside, can you find fruit that have seeds on the outside? 



Look for seeds

Observe seeds before removing them from the food. 

  • Can you see the seeds?
  • Are they different sizes or colours?
  • Where are the seeds inside the food?
  • How do they feel?


Explore seeds

  • Remove the seeds from the foods.
  • How easy is it to remove the seeds? What did you use?
  • Compare the size and weight of the seeds. Big/small.
  • Can you name the different colours and describe the textures. How do they feel. Bumpy or smooth?
  • Match each food to its seeds. 


Draw a simple graph on paper

Place seeds on the graph to find out which food has the most seeds and which has the least. An example is below.


Sorting fruit. Seeds inside and seeds outside.

Ask the children, how can we sort the fruit? Place the fruit cut in half with the seeds showing inside on a tray and the fruit with seeds on the outside on another tray. Can you count how many fruit is  on each tray? Can you write the number or find a number card to the same total number?


Potato shape printing

You can carve the potatoes into any shape that you’d like, paint the shapes and then use them to make a picture.  








Create your very own potato stamps


Would you like to make a rainbow fruit salad a fruit kebab or even a fruit smoothie? What fruit would you like to chop, peel and eat? Write a list, draw or you can find the beginning sound for each fruit, using letters of the ingredients.


Would you like to make your own book called 'My Apple Book'? Stick and sequence the picture cards in order on separate pages. The book can be a shape of an apple.


Label different parts of inside an apple. You can use the activity sheet.


Have some fun apple printing. Listen to the story to find out the colour of apples. What is the beginning sound of apple? 




Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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