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Play, Learn and Grow Together

LPSW Parental Involvement

LPSW believe that in order to enhance the development, care and education of our children it is essential that there are strong and effective working partnerships with our families, parents.


It is the policy of Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound to:

  • Encourage and welcome parents’/carers’ involvement in the day-to-day running of this provision.   

  • Provide high quality day care that enhances the development, care and education of pre-school children in a safe and stimulating environment, where they learn through play in partnership with parents/carers.

  • Welcome parents/carers who want to become directly involved in the activities of the provision and provide opportunities to do so.


We do this by:

  • Encouraging parents/carers to visit us with their child before registering.

  • Informing parents/carers of the ethos, statement of purpose, operational plan and policies and procedures of Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound prior to their child starting.

  • Recognising and respecting that parents/carers have the prime responsibility for their children.

  • Asking parents/carers to provide a comprehensive and detailed account of the needs and preferences of their child before starting. 

  • Working in partnership with parents/carers to meet the needs of the children, both individually and as a group.

  • Recognising that parenting is a shared responsibility for parents who live apart and providing an inclusive approach to involving and providing information to both parents (where this does not conflict with the child’s safety and wellbeing).

  • Making every effort to communicate clearly with all parents/carers. 

  • Operating a settling-in policy for all children who attend Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound.

  • Welcoming and helping new parents/carers to become familiar with the day-to-day routine and good practice of the provision.

  • Providing regular (newsletters, communications) about our provision to parents/carers and inviting them to contribute.

  • Encouraging parents/carers to take part in the provision's activities, learn about the pre-school curriculum and the importance of play in their child's development in Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound and at home.         

  • Welcoming all contributions (skills, knowledge and interest) from parents/carers to the benefit of Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound.

  • Sharing details of a child’s achievements, any changes of behaviour, etc and encouraging all parents/carers to discuss the progress of their child formally or informally, in confidence and in privacy, as they need. 

  • Providing a key worker system that enables parents/carers to have a consistent adult with whom they can share information about their child’s activities and development.

  • Recognising that parents/carers have the right to access their child’s records in line with our policy about privacy and confidentiality. (Any third party requests for information will be discussed with parents/carers and information shared only with their consent - unless this may place the child’s welfare at risk.)

  • If a child is identified as a child in need (Section 17 of the Children Act 1989), information will be given to referring agencies, with parents’/carers’ permission

  • Notifying all parents/carers about meetings and relevant training, which we may hold at various times and venues to meet their access needs. 

  • Informing all parents/carers about how to make any queries, compliments complaints, concerns or suggestions, including providing a copy of Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound’s complaints procedure. 

  • Involving parents/carers to contribute to any review of the quality of Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound’s care service.

  • Operating effective and accessible policies and procedures


Next Review Date:  

September 2024

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

Termly Attendance
  • Whole School 94.2
  • Nursery AM 89.7 / PM 86.9
  • Reception 91.7
  • Year 1 95
  • Year 2 92.2
  • Year 3 95.2
  • Year 4 93.7
  • Year 5 96.7
  • Year 6 92.7
House Points
  • Glyndwr 6,449
  • Llewellyn 5,349
  • Caradog 6,392