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Week: 01/06/2020

Hello every one. This week we are going to be looking at birds. What they eat, watching how eggs hatch and how you can make a birds nest. I am looking forward to see your lovely photos and videos. I hope you enjoy the activities this week.


Giglets: Birds


Complete the assigned tasks. Play a guessing game. Use descriptive language to describe a bird. 


Maths: Recognition of numbers and Making marks to record collections of quantity.


  • Come and play the counting game, in slide show of Morris Magpie. 
  • Have a walk around a park or in your garden. Use the tally sheet below to collect and count the total number of leaves you can find on your walk. Can you write the total number in the box, or ask mum and dad to help you. Keep your leaves for some activities below. 


Phonics: Sound ee

We have looked at the sound ai in phase three phonics. Know we are going to learn the sound ee.

Pour some seeds into a tray and use a feather to write the sound ee. 

Can you write words with ee in them? Here are some examples. Seed, tree, tweet, see, bee, sleep.





Can you say the beginning sound of each body part?


Make binoculars to go bird watching in your garden. You have to be very quiet and look very closely. What  can you see them doing. Don't worry if you cant spot many birds. As you have been still for some time, may be you would like to get busy moving. Come and show me some yoga moves. There are some examples below.

Which bird can you make?

Start at the top and move across

1.  Flamingo

2. Ostrich

3. Rooster

4. Hawk

5. Penguin

Click on the link below and find out some facts about birds. Then come and play the bird game below the video, What are birds?
Birds are very busy and become very hungry. Would you like to make a bird feeder for the birds to eat their food from? There are some examples below to help.

Build a bird's nest      

How about build your very own birds nest. The leaves you had collected in your maths activity can be used to make a birds nests. 

You will need

Play dough. Mould the play dough inside the shape of a bowl to create the shape of a nest




Feathers (if you find any)

Moss (if you find any)


Leaf mini beats

With the leaves you have collected, can you create your own mini beast and write the name of the mini beast you have chosen. Or you can do some leaf printing of all the different leaves you have found. I would love to see how clever and creative you are.





Make a bird puppet

Sing along to the song Two Little Dickie Birds, using the template puppet below. You can decorate your puppet as you like. Different colours or patterns. Or you can make your own.

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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