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Reading Eggs & Eggspress


Reading Eggs is a learning resource that supports your students’ reading skills with carefully designed online reading games and activities which are easy to follow, student-driven, progressional and highly engaging.


Reading Eggs is ideal for students aged 4 to 13 years. The resource includes Reading Eggspress, which focuses on developing essential comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and usage skills for students in Key Stage 2.  Before children use this resource they will need to undertake a placement test in order to pitch the appropriate starting point for their accelerated progress.


At LPS we have set the following year groups to the relevant platforms:

  • Reading Eggs: Reception & Year 1 (Y2 boost group if required)

  • Reading Eggspress: Year 2 – Year 6


Reception and Reading Eggs-Fast Phonics:

  • Our Reception class will follow the Fast Phonics Scheme with Reading Eggs to support the development of reading and spelling.

  • This scheme is designed to support our in school scheme, ‘Jolly Phonics’.

  • This is also available for home use to support home learning.


LPS Spelling Scheme using Reading Eggs:

  • Reading Eggs spelling scheme is replacing our current Spelling scheme for Year 1 to 6.

  • All class teachers will administer the ‘Youngs Spelling Test’ at the beginning of each academic year, in order to set differentiated spelling groups.

  • Each group will be set an online lesson, series of activities and related weekly word lists.

  • Lesson activities and online test to be completed at home or within support groups at school.

  • Additionally, all class teachers will test groups on the weekly word lists every Friday.

  • Due to the completion of the online spelling test at home, there will be no requirement to share the school based test.  As parents you can easily track your child’s progress through their user profile.


Spelling Lesson in School:

  • Every Friday, weekly word lists will be introduced by the class teacher through a carousel of activities that allow children to independently explore the focused words and patterns.

  • These word lists will become the pupils’ homework, along with a series of online activities to support their learning.

  • The online lessons provide opportunities to develop multiple skills within their spelling and reading.

  • Lesson resources are available to download and use at school or home.

  • Class teachers and school leaders are able to track each childs’, class and whole school progress in spelling.


Reading Comprehension using Reading Eggspress.

  • Weekly reading comprehension lesson are assigned and completed in school during our Reading Carousel time (Y2 – Y6).

  • These lessons can also be used as a teaching resource within our boost and withdrawal groups.

  • In Reception and Year 1, during focused tasks with the teacher or teaching assistant, children will undertake comprehension lessons using reading eggs.

  • Lesson resources are available to download and use at school or home.

  • Class teachers and school leaders are able to track each childs’, class and whole school progress in comprehension.


Home Reading & the Virtual Library:

  • To compliment our reading scheme in school, this online platform provides over 2000 virtual books for all pupils to explore within school or at home.

  • Each child will continue to bring home their staged reading book with their reading record.

  • The addition of this resource to our whole school scheme enables all children to explore and expand their reading through free choice.

  • The Storylands area for Reception, along with the huge library of eBooks also enables pupils to read and follow their interests.


Incentives and Rewards.

  • Pupils earn varying amounts of egg rewards for reading books, writing stories, completing quizzes and lessons, and playing games. 

  • Eggs can be spent in the shop to personalise pupils’ avatars and decorate their virtual home.

  • Additionally, the exciting, engaging and hugely popular Reading Eggspress Stadium is a LIVE arena of competition where pupils compete with peers within their class and around the world.

  • They practice spelling, grammar and vocabulary fluency, building confidence in timed games.

  • These rewards, games and competitions will take place at home or during a dedicated time slot within school.



Each week all pupils will be set:

  • Targeted spelling lessons, challenges and a word list (within the online activity);

  • Comprehension task;

  • Once these tasks have been completed at home or in the two sessions provided in school, children will also be able to select their free choice virtual reading books.

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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