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18th April 2019 - Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing 


As you already know, a new curriculum is being rolled out in Wales - check out our blog on the four core purposes of it to understand why it’s happening. 


To help children achieve these goals, we are focusing on six areas of learning that will give them the skills they need. One of these areas is health and wellbeing. This is about the physical, psychological, emotional and social aspects of our lives. 


How does this area of learning fit in with the four core purposes? Here’s how: 

  • Ambitious, capable learners - Pupils learn how to make decisions and develop their identities and values. 

  • Enterprising, creative contributors - Learners will encounter challenging ideas around emotions and relationships and develop the skills to talk about them. They will also have the opportunity to play a variety of roles in teams. 

  • Ethical, informed citizens – Pupils will learn how their choices affect their own and others’ health and wellbeing, which will help them understand how to make positive choices. By looking at social and ethical issues, they will understand the impact that they have. 

  • Healthy, confident individuals - Learners will learn how healthy eating, keeping active and misuse of substances affect their health and wellbeing. They’ll learn how to make the right decisions to help them become healthy, confident individuals.  


So, what are we doing at LPS to learn these skills? In our PE lessons, we’ve started using iPads and Apple TV to review our skills and performance. This has helped the children to improve their self-evaluation skills. We also set learning objectives in PE lessons so that the children understand what they are aiming to achieve.  


Alongside our PE lessons, we also have our very own health and wellbeing team called the Happy Healthy Helpers, where pupils are responsible for setting up, promoting and running the group alongside Miss Gaffney.  The pupils also run a drop in called Turn Your Frown Upside Down every Wednesday lunch time. Not only will children have a better understanding of how their emotions affect their health and wellbeing, but the pupils running the group will learn leadership skills too. For more information, please see our Happy Healthy Helpers page 


As we prepare for the new curriculum, children will have a better understanding of their own health and wellbeing. They will understand the importance of healthy snacks and what these are. Pupils will show independence and good problem-solving skills, and their understanding of the importance of PE will continue to improve. 







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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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