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25th April 2019 - Handy Homework Tips

Handy Homework Tips


The dreaded H word – homework! It might not sound the most fun, but homework helps to keep what
was learnt throughout the day in your brain. It can also help you to understand tricky problems that
need a little bit more time to sink in. As a parent, it’s a good way to see what kind of things your child is
learning in school and what they enjoy.


So how do we make homework seem like less of a chore?


The first thing you and your child need to do is to make an area for homework. This can be a desk or a
kitchen table but it needs to be well lit and preferably away from the TV. We’d suggest away from the
bedroom, so that they can’t get distracted and you can be nearby. Set up the area before settling down
to work – get all your paper, pens and pencils ready beforehand so there’s no distractions. Your child
will get through their homework a lot quicker if they can focus better.


Meeting your child’s teacher will also help you all to understand what they’re looking for with their
homework. This way you can also get feedback on areas that you and your child need to focus on, and
where your child is doing well.


Creating a homework plan might also come in handy. Set aside time that’s dedicated to homework but
make it realistic. When your child knows that they have time set for homework, it’s easier to get into a
routine. Don’t forget to plan in time for breaks!


Praising your child when they work well will also encourage them to keep up the good work. This means hanging up any certificates on the fridge, or celebrating when they get a good mark. Set an example too, by doing things such as reading books in front of them. Talk to them about what they learnt in school and what they enjoyed. Try and incorporate what they’ve learnt into day-to-day life, such as asking them to work out how much money a chocolate bar and a packet of crisps would be in the shop while you’re there.


Don’t forget, this is your child’s homework. While you may want them to get all the answers right, that’s
not the main goal of homework. Give them guidance if they’re stuck but don’t do the work for them as
they’ll learn better from their mistakes. Encourage your child to ask their teacher for help if they’re
stuck – that's what they’re there for!

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