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LPSW Use of Media

Use of Electronic Equipment, Media and Publicity

It is the policy of Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound to place children’s safety and wellbeing as their highest priority, while acknowledging the advantages of information and communications technology in our world.


We will do this by:

  • Maintaining and implementing a rigorous child protection policy, confidentiality policy and code of conduct for staff. 

  • Designating the responsible person (Lee Burnell) as the lead person for information/communications sharing. 

  • Ensuring all adults in Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound are clear about their duty of care when in a childcare environment.

  • Setting appropriate controls on computer use by any children in our care, including access to the internet and any software provided by Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound or by parents/carers or children. 

  • Disallowing use of social networking sites within the work place except those strictly within the terms of Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound’s business.

  • Having a clear expectation that staff maintain professional boundaries in terms of their use of social network sites outside of work

  • Ensuring all staff and children sign and agree the terms contained within the setting's Appropriate Use of ICT Policy:

  • Ensuring mobile phones belonging to staff members (including students and volunteers) are not brought into the childcare environment. 

  • Ensuring that specific and appropriate arrangements are made for any member of staff (including students and volunteers) who – exceptionally – may have a reason to maintain access to their personal mobile phone. 

  • Bringing to account via the disciplinary process any member of staff (including students and volunteers) who, by failing to comply with this policy, is deemed to bring Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound into disrepute. This may include legal proceedings.  


Media and Publicity

It is our policy to place children’s safety and wellbeing as the highest priority in any event that places Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound in the public arena.


We will do this by:

  • Dealing with any public attention focussed on Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound through one designated person (Lee Burnell).

  • Informing parents/carers and staff on a need-to-know basis of the situation as soon as practicable and their role within it.

  • Ensuring staff (including students and volunteers) have clear instructions to forward any queries from the media and/or parents/carers to the designated communications officer.

  • Keeping parents/carers and staff updated and informed of any changes and impact they may have on Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound and the children in our care.


This Use of Electronic Equipment, Media and Publicity policy and procedure was passed for use in Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound.


Next Review Date:  

September 2021

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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