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10th September 2019 - Science and Technology

Science and Technology


As we near the new curriculum in Wales being rolled out, we want to talk to you about what it involves. We’ve already looked at some of the areas of learning, so make sure to check our blog page to see what we’ve covered so far. In this blog, we want to focus on Science and Technology. 


So, what does this area of learning cover? Learners will be doing work that includes biology, chemistry, physics, ICT, and design and technology. Science and technology are some of the biggest reasons that the world develops and society changes, so it’s an incredibly important part of the curriculum. There will be an emphasis on critical thinking and analysing, as there is so much information available in the world. Being able to decide what is fact and make informed judgements is very useful in the modern world. We want children to be able to ask themselves the question “just because we can, does that mean we should?”. 


As part of this area of the curriculum, we have the brilliant iTeam working alongside Mr. Burnell and Mr. Higgins to make sure the whole school has access to excellent ICT learning and technology. This means that it’s safe, secure, fun, engaging and innovative. 


Not only is this area of learning of great value to learners, but it also fulfils the Four Purposes. Here’s how: 


  • Ambitious, capable learners- Learners will understand that if the results of a repeatable experiment do not support an idea, the idea should be rejected or changed and tested again.  

  • Enterprising, creative contributors – Learning how to embrace challenges is a big part of this area of learning, as the children are encouraged to take risks, to innovate and evaluate, and learn to develop solutions. Through this, they can become more resilient and purposeful learners across all areas of learning. 

  • Ethical, informed citizens – Science and Technology lessons will help learners be able to make informed decisions about future actions.  

  • Healthy, confident individuals – Through this part of the curriculum, learners are also informed by knowledge of their bodies and the ecosystems around them, and of how technological innovations can support improvements in health and lifestyle. The knowledge and deep understanding gained through experiencing What Matters in Science and Technology will help them live independent and fulfilling lives that will help them make positive contributions to society. 


For more information, and to find out how we incorporate Science and Technology in the classroom, please visit our dedicated page on the website.  We can’t wait for this area of the curriculum to shape the world’s next great minds! 

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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