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Bookings, Fees, Vouchers & Schemes

Booking Information


An online booking form is sent via The School App every Tuesday. This should be completed no later than the Thursday before the week of attendance.    


Please download the following contract document to register your child with our service.  You can drop it off to the school office after completion or send via email.

Prices & Fees


Do you qualify for help with childcare costs? Click here to find out how much you could be eligible to receive.

Pricing Structure:

  • Breakfast Session (7:30 - 8:15) - £3.50

  • Morning Session (8:30 - 13:00) - £22.50

  • Afternoon Session (11:30 - 15:00) - £17.50

  • Wraparound Club Session (15:00 - 16:15) - £6

  • Wraparound Extra Session (16:15 - 17:30) - £6

  • Hot snack is available with the Wraparound Extra Session for an additional £1.50


Payment Conditions:

  • Payments to be made no later than the Wednesday before the week booked.

  • We will not accept any bookings without payment.

  • Fees are payable if a child is absent without 48 hrs notice.

  • Cash refunds cannot be given when using childcare vouchers. However credit can be used against future childcare bookings.

  • If the site is closed due to weather, etc. then fees are refundable.

  • Parents/carers are advised to speak to Mrs Lynda Phillips about payment of fees in cases of prolonged absence.

  • A child's continued place at Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound is dependent on continued payment of fees.


Hourly Late Charge: 

£10 Charge = once you move into the next time slot due to late collection within operating hours.

Explanation: Staffing is based on ratios of pupils:staff if your child moves into the next time slot, as this may trigger a requirement for additional staffing.  Therefore, you would be required to pay for the next hour, plus an hour’s penalty charge.


After Service Penalty - After 5:30pm:

£30 Penalty = penalty is required as the service is now closed. 

Explanation: Requirement to cover additional 1hr staff wages for 2 or 3 plus extended electricity and heating costs.



These charges and penalties are enforced from 1 minute after the session booked and closure of the service.  

Childcare Vouchers & Schemes


In addition to cash and cheque payments we also accept childcare vouchers. 

Childcare Vouchers typically operate through salary sacrifice. A salary sacrifice arrangement is an agreement by an employer to reduce an employee's cash pay, usually in return for a non-cash benefit. Under the Childcare Voucher scheme employees may 'sacrifice' part of their pay in exchange for Childcare Vouchers.

We currently accept vouchers from numerous suppliers including Kiddivouchers, Fideliti, Fairtrade, Sodexo, Computershare and RG Childcare but we are constantly adding to the list. If you do not recognise your provider here please contact Lynda Phillips or Heather Akerman on 01792 771497 for details on how to set up your payments.

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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  • Reception 91.7
  • Year 1 95
  • Year 2 92.2
  • Year 3 95.2
  • Year 4 93.7
  • Year 5 96.7
  • Year 6 92.7
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