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Week Beginning 8th Feb


Make play dough cakes or cookies for your bakery. Or you can be very adventurous and bake your own! Can you weigh, mix and measure your ingredients? Every chef needs a hat. Can you make yourself a chef's hat? I would love to see your creations!



Play the number puzzles on Numberblocks.


Play shop. Would you like to bake some cakes or cookies for your bakery? Can you be a baker for the day? Make some price tags for the food you have baked with your family. You can look at different coins to help you. Use 1 penny coins to help buy your food. How many coins can you count? Can you read the number on the price tag? When you close your shop, can you count how much money you have made?


Can you hide coins in rice and use tools to scoop them out? Can you sort the coins?



With your family make a sign for your bakers shop. You can draw or stick pictures and write some words if you can. Maybe you would like to create a menu of what your bakery has to offer? Donuts, cup cakes and cookies. It is up to you. I am looking forward to see your wonderful pictures and videos. 


Have some fun playing games on Phonics Play. The login is below. Phase 1, Play the rhyme Cake Bake and Super Smoothie.


PhonicsPlay Login


User name: jan21

Password: home


Letter Hop

Use letter flash cards or write letters or words on paper.

Selected a number of letters or words and spread them out on the floor 

Called out a letter you want to travel to. Chose a different way of travelling to each of the letters. This could be walking, jumping, and crawling. 



Have some fun practicing alphabet letter writing

Squired a bit of coloured paint into a zip lock bag. 

Chose a letter card and practice writing some letters. Simply used your fingers to “paint” the letter you want.

Erasing their work is as easy as squishing the bag to spread the paint evenly in the bag again.

If you prefer to get really messy, smudge paint on a tray evenly and use your fingers to “paint” the letter you want.



Create a story map to retell your story The Enormous Turnip

Can you sequence the pictures in order?


Can you draw an enormous  turnip and find role play people and animals and put them in order when pulling the turnip out of the ground. Who was first? Who was last?

Paint alphabet writing in a bag

Gummy Bear Science Activity

Have some fun, finding out what will happen to a gummy bear in water! Will it dissolve? Will it shrink or grow? Will it fall apart? 


What You Need

Gummy Bears

Four bowls








Fill water in four separate bowls.

Add one tablespoon of sugar in the first bowl.

Add one tablespoon of salt in the second bowl, then stir until it dissolved.

Add one tablespoon of vinegar in the third bowl.

Place one gummy bear in each bowl.

Label each bowl, water, salt, sugar and vinegar.

Take each gummy bear out of the water and compare before and after. 





Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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