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Spring Term Review

During our review activities, members of the Pupil Voice Group and the AoLe Leader undertook workbook Scrutiny and Listening to Learners activities. Additionally, the AoLe Leader completed data analysis of standardised testing and reviewed progress of the new LPS Curriculum projects.


We identified the following strengths related to our Action Plan;



  • In the Spring Term, observations of Reading Time have indicated that pupils in all classes are reading and taking part in reading-based activities daily. This is fully embedded across the school, therefore standards of reading are continuing to improve in all classes.

  • In nearly all classes, pupils are undertaking independent research based on the Question Matrix approach, developing their literacy and ICT skills. 

  • When Listening to Learners, the Criw Iaith found that their peers spoke positively about the activities within the reading carousel, enjoying the opportunity to research their own areas of interest, while also having the opportunity to work on their spelling homework spelling tasks. This has increased leaner's independence and self-motivation skills while also having a positive outlook on their learning.

  • Tracking within boost groups across the school demonstrate the progress being made in all classes, showing the positive impact for all groups of learners. 



  • From Workbook Scrutiny, it is evident that teacher planning and assessments are being used effectively to ensure all groups of learners are continuing to be targeted in order to 'bridge the gap' after returning to school e.g. within the Foundation Phase there is a continued focus on the teaching of phonics in order to fully support the reading and writing development of our younger learners. 

  • In nearly all classes, the planning stage is used to structure writing, giving learners opportunities to incorporate all features of a genre and are challenged in their thinking in terms of layout and selecting content.

  • The planning stage is fully embedded across the school, providing an opportunity for learners to use these skeletons when planning their own self-determined learning tasks.

  • In nearly all classes, the use of success criteria during the drafting & editing process is having a positive impact on the standard of writing throughout the school, ensuring all technical aspects are in place.

  • The standard of skills applied across Learning Projects was deemed equitable to those developed during discrete sessions.  Our younger learners in the Foundation Phase developed their oracy and writing skills when forming debates. Our Year 2 learners used their literacy skills to inform others of the Mumbles Train and history of their local area, enhancing their research skills.

  • It is evident from workbook scrutiny that high levels of literacy skills were used across the school to access information and research areas for further information. For example, our Year 4 learners wrote a discussion text surrounding the topic of The Aztecs while our younger learners in Year 1 researched information to support their learning on The Stone Age. Our Year 6 learners used their knowledge of their Welsh heritage to write poems demonstrating maturity and empathy within their writing skills. 



  • From data analysis, it is clear that our new Spelling approach (Reading Eggs), is having an extremely positive impact on pupil's spelling in nearly all classes.

  • Workbook scrutiny demonstrates that nearly all classes are being challenged during class spelling lessons, improving vocabulary as well as spelling of extended word lists.



  • Workbook Scrutiny demonstrates that the standard of Welsh across the school is at the expected level in nearly all classes.

  • Workbook scrutiny demonstrates that engaging Welsh texts, is having a positive impact on their story writing skills while developing a sense of their culture and heritage.

  • Cwricwlwm Cymreig is planned for and explicit in our LPS Learning Projects, exploiting opportunities to develop our learner's sense of their own culture while developing their Oracy and Drama skills.

  • The standard of Welsh skills applied across Learning Projects is deemed equitable to those developed during discrete sessions e.g. our Year 6 pupils wrote a 3rd person profile on Will Evans in their Expressive Arts topic, 'Creating an Impression'.

  • When listening to learners, having the choice of Welsh magazines and books available in all classes during reading carousel, is continuing to have a positive impact on their attitude to reading Welsh texts.
  • Professional discussion demonstrated that training has improved the standard of Drillo sessions taking place across the school. ADDs sessions to demonstrate good practice while also sharing key resources, has increased staff confidence.  Live Lessons by our Welsh Advisory Service has supported the linguisitic skills of staff. while ensuring high expectation for our learners. Further opportunities for these Live Lessons are planned for the Summer Term to support staff and therefore develop the standard of Welsh across all classes.


Next Steps:

  • To refine the Literacy Booklet to incorporate LNF updates and cross reference LLC Statements of What Matters. 
  • To evaluate the new LPS Projects alongside the Criw Iaith in order to refine leadership at all levels.
  • To work with the Criw Iaith to revisit outdoor games and resources to promote bilingualism and incidental Welsh, in and out of the classroom.
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Play, Learn and Grow Together

Termly Attendance
  • Whole School 94.2
  • Nursery AM 89.7 / PM 86.9
  • Reception 91.7
  • Year 1 95
  • Year 2 92.2
  • Year 3 95.2
  • Year 4 93.7
  • Year 5 96.7
  • Year 6 92.7
House Points
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  • Llewellyn 5,349
  • Caradog 6,392