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Week: 08/06/2020

Hello everyone. We are going to be looking at frogs this week. It is up to you which activities you would like to do. I am looking forward to see your lovely photos and videos.


Giglets: Frogs Life


Please complete the assigned task- Make a frog.

It is up to you, how you want your frog to look and what to use to create it. I am looking forward to see your great frogs. If you just want to colour, there are lovely frog cycle colouring pictures too.


Maths: One less, one more and subtraction


Can you be a jumping frog? Use the template below of the numbered lily pads to make a number line. Ask your child if they can jump onto any number on the number line. Can they shout out the number? Ask your child if they can jump one more or one less along the lily pad number line? What is one more than five? What is one less than three?


Phonics: Sound f


Write different letters of the alphabet on the floor or on a fence, using chalk. The letters must include the sound f. Soak sponges in water. Ask your child if they can shout out the sound f and circle the sound. Can they then throw a wet sponge at the sound f.  


Or you can practice writing CVC words that begin with the sound f. I am looking forward to see your lovely work.







Topic: Life cycle of a frog. Template is below.


Can you cut and stick the life cycle of a frog. Or draw your own life cycle. Can you say what happens at each stage? I would love to hear you tell me the sequence of the life cycle of a frog. If you would like to label the different stages you can. The words for each stage are below.


1. Frog spawn (egg), 2. Tadpole, 3. Frog let, 4. Frog 


Watch the frog habitat below. Find out how frogs move, what they eat and where they live. I hope you enjoy!

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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