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Spring Term

Expressive Arts in LPS - Spring Term Monitoring


During Review Week this term, the AoLE Leader monitored Expressive Arts in LPS by listening to learners and looking at pupil’s work. 


The AoLE Leader identified the following strengths related to the Action Plan:


The teaching and learning of Expressive Arts continues to be brilliantly linked to the LPS New Curriculum topics. All children in LPS are continuing to develop skills, knowledge, creativity and imagination whilst carrying out Expressive Arts. In 'The Romans are Coming' children have created Roman and Celtic 3D shields. In 'The Moral of the Story' children have learnt the pointillism techniques on hearts whilst learning about St Dwynwen, the Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers. In 'Aztec Adventures' children created their own Mayan masks. In 'Cosmic Constellations' children have used oil pastels on black card to create space images. In 'Creating an Impression' children have used the Art Rage app to recreate artwork. They have also made mosaics of famous art work and studied the pop art technique. Partaking in Expressive Arts activities that are linked to these rich themes and topics helps children to make connections with their work and increases their interest in the topic.


Drama continues to be carried out across the school in a number of classes. All children took part in the LPS Christmas Production 'Mr Humbug Sees The Light' and have developed dramatic skills appropriate to audience, context and purpose. In 'I've fallen Into a Fairy Tale' children took part in a whole class mini performance of Peter Pan for an iMovie. In 'The Moral of the Story' children wrote and acted out role plays of Welsh myths they had been learning about. They developed drama skills whilst using dialogue, stage directions and props. Children across both school phases have continued to use playscripts during their group reading sessions. Drama gives children opportunities to express themselves, deal with emotions and feelings in a supportive environment, and to generate language and communication skills. 


Children in LPS are continuing to develop their knowledge and awareness of Welsh artists. All children in the school studied and worked in the style of Welsh artist Catrin Williams as a whole school Eisteddfod focus. The children created outstanding images focusing on her vivid colours, using pencils, crayons and liquid wax pastels. Children in FP have also been appreciating the music by Welsh pop band Stereophonics. Developing an aesthetic appreciation of Welsh artists and musicians at an early age helps children develop their eyes and minds as they begin to think about what they see in life, whilst maintaining pride and patriotism in their country and culture.


Next Steps:


Creative Crew to to review the new LPS Curriculum Projects to check for coverage and progression across each year group and to ensure that there are opportunities for self-determined learning.


Continuing to analyse the staff questionnaire in order to provide support, resources and guidance in the teaching of Art, Music and Drama in LPS.


Creative Crew and AoLE Leader to continue to support staff in enhancing the children’s awareness, knowledge and understanding of historical and present day composers, artists and actors from Wales.

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

Termly Attendance
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  • Reception 91.7
  • Year 1 95
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  • Year 3 95.2
  • Year 4 93.7
  • Year 5 96.7
  • Year 6 92.7
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