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Week: 04/05/2020

There are allot of activities to choose from this week. You can choose your favourite. I hope you enjoy taking art in the activities. You have been amazing showing me your videos and fabulous pictures. I am looking forward to see more.

Giglets:  Rhyme Incy Wincy Spider


Come and sing along to the spider rhyme! When you watch the rhyme, click on audio to hear the rhyme.


Decorate a spider biscuit. How does your spider look? Sparkly, multi coloured?


Decorate a spider's mask.

Maths: Addition

Play the minibeast addition power point game below and then together, can you write your own simple sums. Use objects to make your sum and the symbols + (add) and =.(equal) Don't forget to say your sum out loud. 


3 in a row 

Play noughts and crosses. You can use paper plates and make the grid using tape. Together you can decorate the plates in any picture you want. Butterfly and Caterpillar, flower and bee. Web and spider. It is up to you.


Adding legs

Make a spider, using play dough and pipe cleaners. Can you remember how many legs your spider has? Can you make numbers using your play dough? or roll a dice and add the number of legs on your spider to the same total number on the dice.

Play the game in slide show.

Phonics: Play I spy

Find some objects around the house. With your family play i spy. Can you recognise the object with the beginning sound? Can you say the name of the object?


Sensory bag

Pour paint into a clear plastic bag. (food bag) Seal the bag. You can either put it on the table or cellotape it to the window to make a stain glass picture. Write the sound s and draw a picture of the beginning sound. Here are some examples. Sun, snake and spider.

Come and find out your task for this week!

Still image for this video

Topic: Make a spider web

We are looking at spiders this week. You can make your web anyway you like. You can use glitter, weave using a paper plate or even draw. How many rings are you going to have on your web?

Talk about how spiders make you feel. Frightened, scared or even sad.


Become a spider spotter

Look for spiders and spider webs in the garden. How does the spider's web look? Can you see a busy spider? Where did you find your spider? How many webs can you spot?


Web Games

Make a spiders web using tape on the carpet. Place the rhyme cards randomly on the web. (the cards are below) Can your child travel on their web to collect the cards. Then sequence the rhyme in order. 


You can also travel along the web to collect objects or words that begin with s, use shapes, numbers or sounds.


Make a list together of how you can describe a spider. Hairy, scary, black, web, spin, sticky.


Spider Facts!

Can you remember some spider facts. Would you like to make your own? With some help. On a sheet of paper write at the top. Spider Facts!  Draw a spider and stick or write words.

My spider has 8 legs or it has 8 legs

My spider has 2 fangs

My spider has 8 eyes


I would love to here your spider facts.





Look at the pp in slide show. Click on each page to discover your minibeast.

You can cut the sentences and match then to the pictures.

How about make your own rain cloud  science experiment.


You will need:

Jar or clear cup

Shaving foam


Blue food colouring


  • Fill the jar/cup with water.
  • Spray shaving foam on top of the water, to create a cloud. Let the foam settle.
  • Drop food colouring onto the cloud, using a syringe. 

As the cloud fills up, the food colouring will fall down in to the water creating rain.


Ask your child, what they think is going to happen when you put the food colouring on top of the cloud?


Prediction (Guess)  How many drops of water (food colouring) will it take for it to rain through the cloud?


What caused the cloud to rain? 



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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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