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Quality of Care Report

Our Service: 

  • Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound registered with the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) in 2013 and provides a service for up to 50 children up to the age of 12. 

  • It is situated in Llangyfelach Primary School.

  • Llangyfelach Wraparound operates between the hours of 7:30am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

  • The service is provided predominately through the medium of English, with Welsh being used incidentally with all children. The Registered Person is Mr Lee Burnell and the person in charge is Miss Jessica Williams. 


Quality of Care Summary: 

Overall, we as a service believe that all the children who attend Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound experience stimulating and challenging activities and that they are happy and safe during the time that they spend with us. A range of activities are provided throughout all sessions of the day that promote children’s development. The children are free to choose and make decisions about their learning and play and they are also given many opportunities for their voice to be heard. In addition to this, we also provide the parents with a chance for their voice to be heard, using several different methods, both on a formal and informal basis.  


As a service, we offer a warm, nurturing and supporting atmosphere and environment for the children who have the ability and opportunities to develop independence and feel a valued member of the facility. Leaders create a positive learning environment for the children to be able to play and relax through a range of resources, equipment and activities linked to the different clubs that we have set on each day every week. The staff members work the same shifts every week creating a sense of familiarity and continuity for the children, making them feel comfortable and familiar with the staff that are working and also it is keeping the same routine for them causing minimal disruption for the children as possible.


Section 1: People feel their voices are heard, they have choice about their care and support, and opportunities are made available to them.

All children and parents are listened to and their opinions are valued across all areas of the Wraparound Service. 


Throughout all the sessions within the Wraparound service, we always aim to give our children and parents a voice and take on board their wants, needs and comments. The children are given choices daily with regards to the types of activities they would like to participate in and the games and toys that they would like to play with. We give the children as much choice as we possibly can when it comes to both free play and planned activities. This is in order to ensure that the activities that are out are of interest to them allowing them to remain on task and engaged for the specific time period. When planning the weekly activities, we aim to implement a variety of activities that aid the children’s imagination and curiosity, allowing opportunities for the children to ask the staff questions to further their development and understanding.


Parents are given regular opportunities to complete questionnaires and provide their feedback with regards to the service. They are also able to raise any concerns or ideas that they have with staff at pick up, drop off and via phone calls. Parents are fully aware of this as one commented in response to the questionnaire that ‘staff at the school are always willing to hear any views or concerns and act on them appropriately’. Another parent believes that the ‘feedback I give give has always been passed on’. With regards to queries and any issues we aim to answer or resolve them immediately while the parents and children are still there. However, if this is not possible due to the nature or availability of relevant staff members, we will resolve it and get back to the parents as soon as possible at an agreed time. Having these reviews, allowing parents to speak to staff at pick up and drop off and resolving any issues that they have straight away, builds a positive relationship with the parents, allowing them to feel that they can approach the staff members with any future issues or ideas that they may have. Staff members then follow up on what they have said or respond to their questions, which allows parents to feel that their voice is heard within the service. This allows us to work together to gain the best outcome for their children in our care.


From reviewing the responses to the previous questionnaires, a lot of parents said they wanted to know more about what it is that their child(ren) are doing whilst attending Wraparound with pictures to accompany the information. This information has radically shaped the way that we operate across the service. We are no fully utilising the Famly app as a way to provide parents with the information and pictures they asked for regarding their children. This app will also provide the parents with a 'learning journey' for their children where they will be able to track their progress and also be able to view 'next steps' and targets with regards to their children's development. We also have the class and club pages on the websites where we have more detailed information about the projects and children's activities that are pushed out regularly via our social media outlets. 


Section 2: People are happy and supported to maintain their ongoing health, development and overall well-being. For children, this will also include intellectual, social and behavioural development.

We see the development of the children as being one of the most important things to consider when running this service and planning the activities. We also believe that allowing a child to become independent is something that is important for them as they grow, knowing that they can do this themselves. We believe it is essential that children are allowed the time and opportunities to complete tasks and activities independently, according to their age, such as putting their coats on, washing their hands, completing play and focused activities. We believe children are confident enough to develop their independence and secure in the knowledge that staff are available to offer support if and when it is required. 


While at LPS Wraparound children are encouraged to build positive relationships with their peers and adults. We know that the children in our care are happy and develop interaction skills when playing and learning with other children and staff members. This is clear to us because one parent stated that the service ‘provides further learning good social interaction and positive role models from older children, for the younger children to follow.’ With regards to their social and interaction skills, this is something that they are always developing. Throughout the day the children interact with both children and staff on a regular basis, thus allowing them to understand the difference in the way they would need to communicate with people such as fellow peers or adults. When interacting with one another the children can co-operate, take turns and share the toys, this is something that we teach and explain to the children regardless of their age, as it is a life skill that they will all need to learn.  


During activities, our Wraparound team enable children to access prior knowledge using skilled questioning techniques that engage thinking to access understanding. This enables the child to feel that their thoughts are valued and relevant. This also develops confidence through their explanation of their thinking to others. 


All staff members know the capability and individual needs of each child, therefore all staff will ensure that the children are completing something that is accessible to them that will challenge them slightly in order for them to progress with regards to their learning and development. All activities that are implemented with the children, promote and encourage progress within different areas of their development and their learning. On the Famly app, the children will have their development tracked and the staff will provide clear targets and next steps to further the child’s progress and development. 


Throughout the day, the children will have a healthy snack. We will talk to the children about the snack that they have, comparing it with others and seeing who like it or not. We complete activities based on healthy eating and healthy choices and participate in physical activity session. During these sessions we talk to them about why we are doing what we are doing and why it is important for our bodies that we do take part in physical activity and eat healthy foods regularly. 


Section 3: People feel safe and protected from abuse and neglect.

Our primary aim is to keep all children & staff safe and keep them protected from abuse & neglect. During the day we have a one-way entry to the building and premises which has a coded door and only staff members know this code. 


Staff are seen to be caring and affectionate towards children and develop positive relationships ensuring they feel safe, cared for and protected within the environment. All staff within the facility are aware that some children have food allergies or intolerances, they know exactly who those children are and what they can and cannot have. This information is kept in a folder which can be accessed by any staff members that requires the information. When preparing the snack and meals staff wear gloves in order to maintain a high level of hygiene. LPS Wraparound currently has a Level 5 hygiene rating based on the previous inspection. 


All staff working within the Wraparound service are familiar with the child protection policy as they receive regular and up to date training. If any of them were to have any concerns or disclosures regarding any individuals, they would know exactly what to do and begin the reporting process straight away, which would involve them using My Concern to record the disclosure or behaviour immediately. All staff working within the Wraparound service have completed different courses on a regular basis and are trained to ensure that all the children are always kept safe. Those courses include First Aid, Safeguarding and Food Hygiene. All relevant qualifications are in the staff members individual files, which is stored securely.


All Wraparound staff members are always approachable to both the children and parents. The children are fully aware that they can approach the staff if they are upset or have any issues that they may wish to discuss with someone. The parents are also aware that they can approach the staff about any questions, issues or concerns that they have regarding the safety of or any issue regarding their children. Staff will aim to resolve any issues or answer any questions as effectively and efficiently as possible. The parents are fully aware that they can do this, as when asked about it, 100% of them responded ‘yes’ they agree that the staff are approachable, and one parent also commented that ‘I've always found all staff approachable and helpful and communication is excellent within the service’. 


Every day, the staff ensure that the building and areas that the service will use are safe for children to use before they arrive. The staff do this and keep a record of it by completing an online form regarding different equipment and resources within the different areas that they will be using, ensuring that there are no sharp edges that will harm the children and nothing there that should not be there. Whilst completing the checklist they also look at the toys ensuring that they are all safe for the children to use and will not harm them. These forms are then stored online to be viewed at any time, by relevant staff members. Staff also make sure that the toys are accessible for the children so they can engage and play with the equipment safely. Keeping the area both safe and secure is something that is vital for the children in our care and it is also something that is noticed by the parents as one parent commented, ‘secure environment’ 'children are happy and safe'. Another parent thought that, ‘I am reassured that the gates are secure and that robust systems are in place to protect my child e.g. named people for pick up and bringing children out individually’.


Within Wraparound, staff always ensure that the environment is clean and ready for use by both the children and staff. Throughout the day staff will clean as they go with finishing with an activity or session ensuring that it is clean and ready for the next task to be undertaken. Also, when it comes to the end of the day, the staff will have a clean through ensuring that all equipment is cleaned and put away and the surfaces are all wiped, ready for use again the following day.


In the event of a child getting injured, staff will provide the necessary first aid and fill out the accident form straight away, (this form requires parents to sign when they collect the child) then they will decide what happens next. For example, if it is a minor accident they will carry on with their day and inform the parents at pick up, however, if it is a more serious accident such as a bump to the head, they will ring the parent immediately to inform them and then it is the parents’ decision whether they come and collect them or let them complete the day, depending on the severity of the bump or injury.  


With regards to administrating medication, in order to ensure the child gets the correct medication and dose, there will always be two members of staff present with the child who is receiving the medication. One member of staff administering the medication and one observing to ensure that everything is being done correctly. The staff members will then fill the form in with the time and date it was provided and the actual dose given to the child. They will then both sign it to verify the dose that had been administered and the time, prior to handing the form back to parents at the end of the day for them to sign and verify. Going forward, any children who receive regular medication, we will look at storing this information within the Famly app for all the relevant staff to see.  


Another way in which the premises and environment ensures safety, would be with regards to registers. Any visitor that requires access to the building would need to sign in using a the touch screen system located in the foyer before entry. Once in the building they will be given a visitors’ sticker with their name and picture on, that they must wear whilst in the building, this allows us to keep a record of anyone that is in the building in addition to staff and how long they are there for. Another register that we use daily would be the children’s register. This document allows us to know exactly what children are in on what day and we are then required to write the time that they arrive and leave, this is available to all staff so they will be aware of how many children they have in their care at any one time. The final register that is used is a staff sign in/out book, staff are required to sign in and out writing the time they are arriving and leaving daily. This is so that we know who is working in what area of the service and how long they are there for. 


Everyone who works within the Wraparound service are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities, especially with regards to the health, safety and wellbeing of all involved. We are all here to provide a safe and engaging environment for the children to play, learn and grow together, in an environment where everyone feels safe and valued. Which falls in line with our Wraparound aims:


  • Provide high quality day care that enhances the development, care and education of all children in a safe and stimulating environment, where they learn through play and collaboration between our staff and other children. We believe this philosophy promotes the development of positive self-esteem and confidence in children.

  • Use ‘Development Pathways Wales’ at relevant ages and ability levels in order to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to support the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of each child.

  • Assist each individual to reach their full potential and develop life-long learning skills.

  • Meet children’s needs as individuals and within groups as a provider of full day care.

  • Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound is an English speaking medium setting, which encourages and develops the Welsh language to develop bilingualism skills.


Date Reviewed:

September 2023

February 2023

February 2022

March 2021

November 2020

Wraparound Leadership Team 

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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