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30th May 2019 - Literacy and Communication

Literacy and Communication


You all know by now that Wales is rolling out a new curriculum. We’ve already talked about the 4 Core Purposes and Health and Wellbeing, so if you haven’t already read those make sure to check them out. In this blog, we want to explain to you a little more about the literacy and communication part of the curriculum. 


We want the children to work on their reading, writing and oral skills across languages. Through doing this, they’ll understand other cultures and identities as well as their own and find a voice for themselves.   


As the new curriculum highlights the importance further of learning Welsh, we’re working hard to make sure that we have the opportunity to practice our skills both inside and outside of the classroom. We encourage the use of ‘incidental Welsh’, which is where we incorporate Welsh into the classroom and use it every day. We want to be able to switch between the two languages confidently. 


So how does this area of learning fit in with the 4 core purposes? 


  • Ambitious, capable learners – Children will learn to communicate well in Welsh, English, in other languages and through digital media. They will be able to apply their skills and will gain a positive attitude to learning languages. 

  • Enterprising, creative contributors – By learning languages, children think more creatively and take risks as they adapt to different roles and contexts. 

  • Ethical, informed citizens – Pupils can use what they learn in this area to participate with confidence and make sure their voice is heard. They will develop their own identity which will help them to understand other cultures and create a sense of belonging. 

  • Healthy, confident individuals – Children will learn how to communicate their feelings as well as understand other’s feelings, which will allow them to develop good relationships. 


At LPS, we will be doing a number of things to make sure we fulfil the four core purposes. If you want to find out what these things are, you can read our Literacy and Communication page on the website. 



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