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The morning rush to leave the house is often the most stressful part of the day for parents of primary school children. Making sure your kids are up, washed, dressed and have had a decent breakfast can be an uphill struggle, and if you’re trying to get to work yourself, it can be even more fraught.


Research undertaken by Kellogg’s suggests that families who send their children to a before-school breakfast club feel far more relaxed and less stressed during their family time and weekends.


Our Breakfast club provides a safe, secure environment before school, where children can have a decent breakfast with their friends.  Additionally,  it also provides before-school childcare for families where parents work or need to get other children to different schools or childcare settings.


There has been a wealth of research into the benefits of children having a good breakfast. These include:

  • Improved concentration
  • Improved attendance and punctuality
  • Improved behaviour
  • Improved attainment and achievement at school.


Alongside our healthy breakfast, we provide children with a wealth of engaging activities that they can take part in before school, such as:

  • Board Games
  • Creative Colouring
  • Free Drawing
  • iPads


We are also looking to incorporate exercise or movement activities, such as:

  • Wake Up Shake Up – a series of five- to 10-minute routines choreographed to pop music.
  • Daily Mile -  a social physical activity, with children running or jogging – at their own pace – in the fresh air with friends.


Attending our Breakfast Club enables that hour before school stress-free for all. There’s no need for hurrying or being late, because they are already in school. They also have a nutritious breakfast and always start with a smile on their faces, ready for learning.


Please see the gallery below to view events and activities within this club:

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

Termly Attendance
  • Whole School 94.2
  • Nursery AM 89.7 / PM 86.9
  • Reception 91.7
  • Year 1 95
  • Year 2 92.2
  • Year 3 95.2
  • Year 4 93.7
  • Year 5 96.7
  • Year 6 92.7
House Points
  • Glyndwr 6,449
  • Llewellyn 5,349
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