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Week: 06/07/2020

There are two dinosaur books to look at this week.

Giglets: A Tall Dinosaur (Brachiosaurus) and A Sharped-Toothed Dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus Rex)


Complete the assigned tasks- Describe a dinosaur and make a fossil of your own. (If you have dinosaurs, you can make your dinosaur print in the dough, to make a fossil)


Can you make your very own dinosaur? It is up to you how you want to make it. You can use pasta or a paper plate. I would love to hear you say something about your dinosaur. Colour what it eats and some features. Does it have a long neck? Spikes?


May be you could write the beginning sound of your dinosaur or write the name.


Phonics: If you have letters at home, what words can you make? Hide letters around the house and when you have found them, maybe you can try and write the letters.


Find five objects around the house. Can you say the beginning sound of your objects?



Maths: Skittles


Play skittles with your family. You can make your very own, by using plastic bottles. Fill them with water to help them stand up, so they don't fall over. You can write numbers on each bottle. Can you knock them down, using a ball? Can you say the numbers that have fallen down or write some numbers on the floor, using chalk?

Topic:  Ladybirds

Cooking- Can you decorate a biscuit to create a ladybird?


Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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