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We respect the rights of authors and publishers to proper recompense and acknowledgement for their work. We understand that copying without permission could put the school at risk from legal action for infringement of copyright.


We acknowledge that the Copyright Licensing Authority, who are brokers for authors and publishers, exists to represent us, the users and to protect the interests and livelihoods of the rights holders. Therefore, we believe we have a moral and legal obligation to abide by the terms of the licence.


We believe literary works, dramatic works and performances, musical works and performances, artistic works, sound recordings, films, broadcasts, and cable programmes are protected by copyright.


We as a school community have a commitment to promote equality. Therefore, an equality impact assessment has been undertaken and we believe this policy is in line with the Equality Act 2010.


We believe it is essential that this policy clearly identifies and outlines the roles and responsibilities of all those involved in the procedures and arrangements that is connected with this policy.



  • To ensure that school personnel are aware of and abide by the copyright licence conditions as set out by the Copyright Licensing Authority.

  • To work with other schools and the local authority to share good practice in order to improve this policy.


Role of the Governing Body

  • Instruct the Headteacher to ensure that everyone complies with the Copyright Licensing Authority’s guidelines;

  • Delegated powers and responsibilities to the Headteacher to ensure all school personnel and stakeholders are aware of and comply with this policy;

  • Responsibility for ensuring full compliance with all statutory responsibilities;

  • Responsibility for ensuring that the school complies with all equalities legislation;

  • Responsibility for ensuring funding is in place to support this policy;

  • Responsibility for ensuring this policy and all policies are maintained and updated regularly;

  • Responsibility for ensuring all policies are made available to parents;

  • Make effective use of relevant research and information to improve this policy;

  • Responsibility for the effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of this policy


Role of the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team 

  • Ensure all school personnel, pupils and parents are aware of and comply with this policy;

  • Make all school personnel aware of the Copyright Licensing Authority guidelines by referring to the Copyright Licensing Authority license at periodic staff meetings and displaying the Copyright Licensing Authority guidelines above photocopiers;

  • Keep detailed records of what has been copied;

  • Provide leadership and vision in respect of equality;

  • Make effective use of relevant research and information to improve this policy;

  • Provide guidance, support and training to all staff;

  • Monitor the effectiveness of this policy;


Role of School Personnel

  • Comply with all aspects of this policy;

  • Adhere to the Copyright Licensing Authority guidelines;

  • Be fully acquainted with all procedures;

  • Set a good example to pupils by adhering to the Copyright Licensing Authority guidelines;

  • Implement the school’s equalities policy and schemes;

  • Report and deal with all incidents of discrimination;

  • Attend appropriate training sessions on equality;

  • Report any concerns they have on any aspect of the school community


Role of Parents/Carers

  • Be aware of and comply with this policy;

  • Be informed that anything borrowed from school may not be copied without permission of the publishers;

  • Be asked to take part periodic surveys conducted by the school;

  • Support the school Code of Conduct and guidance necessary to ensure smooth running of the school


Scope of the Licence

The Copyright Licensing Authority license covers books, journals and magazines published in the UK and staff and pupils are permitted to make copies provided they comply with the licence terms and conditions.


Limitations to the Licence

See current Copyright Licensing Authority guidelines:


Electronic Copying

  • Electronic copying needs the permission of the copyright holder, or a licence, in the same way as paper copying;

  • It is an infringement of copyright to make an electronic copy without permission;

  • Scan, fax and retyping to save on a computer is electronic copying and is not permitted in this school



  • Printing out, downloading “cut and paste” and networking from CD-ROM are governed by the specific conditions of the licence agreement accompanying each CD-ROM;

  • When the school purchases the licence with the CD it should be specified on the CD whether or not printing and then photocopying is permitted;

  • Photocopying from CD-ROM printouts is not permitted by Copyright Licensing Authority copy license



  • All internet pages are not included in the Copyright Licensing Authority license but are protected in some other way;

  • The Digital Champion must be contacted if any member of staff is in doubt


Teacher’s Copyright

Resources devised by any teacher or support staff are the copyright of the Local Authority and must be acknowledged as © Another School, then teacher’s initials plus all sources must be acknowledged.



This policy will be reviewed when necessary.


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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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