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Week: 11/05/2020

There are allot of activities this week. Choose your favourite. I am looking forward to see your brilliant photos and videos. I hope you enjoy the activities.

Giglets: Rhyme Hot Cross Buns


Complete the assigned task. 

Maths: Money

With your family can you create a shop? It is up to you what kind of shop you would like. Here are some ideas. Pet, toy, supermarket, garden centre, or even a market fruit and veg shop. The children will be exchanging money through role play. Start with the parent being the shop keeper and the child being the customer. Ask the costumer, what would you like? They choose 1 item. Can they read the number on the price tag? Can they count out the total number of 1 penny coins? Ask your child how many coins do they have left? What can they buy? Do they have enough? 


What you need

Can you make price tags for your items? You would write 1p, 5p, 10p. P is for pence. Your child may like to write the numbers.

Count out 10, 1 penny coins and put in a small bowl.


Sign- open and closed.


If you want, you can do some coin rubbings of different colours. 

Use 1p coins to count the total number on the numicon.

Phonics: Play ai phonic splat

This week we are looking at phase three sounds, ai. Write the word and draw a picture to match the word. Here are some examples below. Read the cards with your child. Place the cards on the table. Give your child the clues or sentence to complete. When they know, can they splat the word? You can choose any of the words. It is up to you.


  • train-    Thomas the tank is a....
  • nail-     what do you hammer into wood
  • snail-   a minibeast carries their home on their back 
  • rain-    I use my umbrella when it...
  • tail-     a monkey has a long... 
  • pain-   when you fall you are in.......  


If your child is a keen writer, they can write the words/trace or write ai, using rainbow colours or make a rainbow writing tray. Paint rainbow colours on a sheet of paper. When dry, place the rainbow sheet in a tray and pour salt on top. 

Can you follow a trail?


This week we are looking at snail's and colours. Explore your garden, to see if you can find some snails. Look at the pattern on the snail's shell. What does a snail leave behind? Listen to some stories and facts about snails. I hope you enjoy watching them. Come and listen to Mrs Harris-Griffiths sing the rainbow song in welsh. Do you remember the welsh colours?

If you cant find any snails and they are hiding, maybe you would like to go on a colour hunt in the garden and match each colour of the rainbow.


Would you like to make your own rainbow? 

What you need

Clear glass bowl, water, mirror, sunlight.

Find a sunny spot. Place a mirror half in the water and tilt it towards the direct sunlight, so the sun hits the mirror. Early in the morning works best. Can you see the rainbow colours and shapes on the shaded wall? Have a look at Mrs Harris-Griffiths rainbows below.


Can you design your own rainbow. I would love to see your pretty rainbow ideas. You can use playdough, jelly, paper or hands prints. Can you say how your rainbow makes you feel?


Make a snail Matisse way. Cut different colour paper to make a spiral pattern on the shell.


Make playdough snails.


Colour mixing

Make coloured ice cubes, using food colouring, red, yellow and blue. Put a lollipop stick in the coloured water. Then put the ice cube try in the freezer. When the ice cubes are frozen. Can you make different colours? Orange, purple, brown and green. Can you use the ice cubes to make spiral patterns?


Use paints to create different colours. Use the activity sheet below to record what you found out.



Come and sing along to the rainbow song, with Mrs Harris-Griffiths!

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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