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Week: 15/06/2020

There are lots of activities to choose from this week. I am looking forward to see which ones you have chosen. There are two giglets stories to choose from. They are of the same story. But the book of The Three Little Pigs has more detailed text. 


Giglets: The Pig and, The Three Little Pigs.


Complete the assigned task. Cut and decorate the pig mask.  Ask your child to use their pig mask and together come up with some questions for the characters interview. Or you can make the three little pigs home, using different materials. 


Phonics: Sound p

I would love to see you write some CVC words beginning with the sound p. Here are some examples below. May be you can go on a sound hunt or hide the magnetic letters in the rice and once found, create the words. Hear are some examples below. 

Pig, pin, pot, pan, pat, pen, put. 


Can you mix two colours together. Red and white, to make the colour pink and paint a pig. Can you write the name of the animal or the beginning sound? 


Draw the letter p and print inside the sound using a peg with pom poms.




Can you sequence the story cards in order? If you would like, you can write a letter, word or a simple sentence about each picture. 

Maths: Time

We are looking at clocks this week. Have a look around your home, to find a clock. What does it have on the face of the clock? Numbers! Click on the files below to play clock bingo with your family, write the time on the clock and make your very own clock. If you want you can draw your own numbers on the clock face. Can your child recognise the numbers and read the numbers out loud? May be you can use the clock to help your child tell time, of different activities throughout the day. Can you child say the time shown on the clock? 8 0'clock- breakfast, 9 0'clock-brush teeth, 12 0'clock-dinner, 2 0'clock- play.


Play, together with your family, whats the time Mr Wolf? You can use the clock you have made.

Topic: Woodlice

I would like you to go on an adventure in the garden looking for woodlice. I would like you to find out about woodlice habitat. Can you tell me where you found your woodlice and what home they prefer to live in? Look at my pictures below to find out what i discovered. 


Watch woodlice with Jess below.

Come and see my woodlice!

Still image for this video
Can you spot where the woodlice are? What else can you find out?

Can you play this game with your family and think of a mini beast you can describe?

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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