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Lesson Observations

  • LPS have designed their own Teaching and Learning Booklet for all staff to use for their Professional Development and Performance Management.
  • The booklet focuses on Lesson Observations and Workbook Scrutiny giving clear descriptors for unsatisfactory to excellent practice in:
    • 15 themes for Lesson Observations
    • 8 themes for Workbook Scrutiny



  • This provides clarity for all staff regarding the expected standards and provision for teaching and learning across the school.
  • During Lesson Observation feedback meetings, judgements and recommendations are agreed with staff using the booklet as a rubric – identifying successful aspects and areas for improvement.



  • The school has also designed an electronic tracking system for the judgments agreed.  This approach enables the SLT to identify individual staff needs overtime and whole school training needs in common themes.
  • The Lesson observation process identifies excellent practice to share across the whole school.




Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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