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LPSW Fire Procedures

Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound have developed a procedure to follow in the event of a fire within the premises or within close proximity of the premises, which is designed to ensure the safe evacuation of all the children, staff, families and visitors. 


The Fire Evacuation Procedure is displayed in the foyer, kitchen, staff room, staff toilets and in each of the classrooms. The provision has the required regulation extinguishers and fire blankets installed throughout the premises. Staff are regularly provided with fire training. The fire evacuation procedure is practiced regularly and at least once per term.





Qualified staff in each room with help from assistants shall:

  • Immediately move all children from the building of the emergency to the external evacuation assembly point (TOP YARD)

  • Take Fire Registers, gate keys and collect any emergency medication e.g. Epi Pens, asthma medication, etc for children in attendance.

  • DO NOT collect children’s belongings or put shoes on etc, our priority is to exit the building with the children safely.

  • Staffs are to check that all areas of the room are empty before leaving.

  • Ensure that family members and visitors within your room follow your direction to evacuate with your group to the designated assembly point.

  • Once assembled at the external evacuation assembly point, mark off each child in your care once you have accounted for them, on the Fire Register.

  • Ensure all staff is accounted for.

  • Report numbers of children to Person in Charge.


The Cook Shall:

  • Turn off stove/oven and appliances.

  • Close door when leaving area.

  • Head straight for assembly point.


The Person in Charge or Office staff shall:

  • Call the fire brigade “999”.

  • Collect staff and visitor sign in/out sheets.

  • Take mobile phone to assembly point.

  • Check numbers of children and staff in attendance and inform parents of the emergency- using ‘Parent Call’ texting service.

  • Take further instructions as recommended by the Fire Brigade.


Remember to remain calm and do not give sense of panic, reassure the children and alert the fire brigade if any children or staff are missing.


This Fire procedure was passed for use in Llangyfelach Primary Wraparound.

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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