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7th October 2019 - Reception/Year 7 Admissions

The Admissions Process


On the 7th October 2019,  applications will be opening for Reception and Year 7 places for September 2020. It’s very important that you get in your applications before the closing date, which is the 29th November 2019. The admissions process for both is the same, so whether you are applying for primary school or secondary school, you will need to follow these guidelines. 


Your child will not automatically receive a place in reception if they are already in nursery, so every child will need to apply. If you submit your applications late, it won’t be considered until all of the on-time applications have been given their places. Try not to wait until the last day to complete your form, as there will be no technical support after 4:30pm on closing day if you encounter any problems.  


You can complete your application online on the Swansea Council School Admissions website, and you can do it on a range of devices, including your mobile phone. There will be no paper admissions – all of the application process will be online. 


There are a few things to consider when making your application: 

  • Living in catchment does not guarantee a place, as the school you are applying for may be oversubscribed. You will be able to select three school preferences in case you do not receive a place in your first choice. Make sure to use these three choices to make sure that your child goes to a school you have picked. For more information about how the spaces are allocated, please read the Information for Parents booklet. 

  • You can apply to Swansea schools even if you live outside of the Swansea local authority, however it is worth making an application with a school in your own local authority. This is because if you do not get a place in the Swansea schools, Swansea council will not be able to offer you an alternative if you live outside of the city. 

  • Make sure your address is up to date, as this is a factor in the decision process. Your application will be withdrawn if the child is not a permanent resident of the address you have given. If your child lives between two addresses, the address where they spend the majority of the school week will be the one considered. You are able to make changes on your application while the window is still open, even if you have already submitted it. 


Please ensure to check your emails to see a full guide on how to fill out the application form and for a link to the application website. Once your form is submitted, you should receive an email confirming it has been sent. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact the office or the council Admissions Team.  

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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