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17th April 2020 - Staying in Touch with Loved Ones

How to keep in touch with your loved ones


Isolation can be challenging when you aren’t able to see your loved ones. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch. Besides phoning or messaging them online, there are plenty of ways you can get creative and have fun together. Here are some of our favourite ways.


Video message

At LPS, we were aware that the children were missing our staff. That’s why we made a video of us all together for our community, which you can view here. Why don’t you do the same with your loved ones? There are plenty of ways you can be creative; make posters, sing a song, learn a dance! It’s a great way to bring a smile to your loved ones faces while also keeping busy and being creative.



Are you someone who loves to write? A card is the perfect way to send a message to family or friends. There are a number of websites with plenty of designs to choose from, whether you want a card to be delivered to their letterbox or an e-card to be sent to their email. Even better, make your own cards! Nothing will make your loved ones happier than seeing a card that you’ve made yourself, whether that’s on paper or on the computer.


Video calls

Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, these are just some of the websites you can video call from. While normally we may use these video calling sites to simply chat with our friends and family, there’s so many other ways you can use them. Invite all of your friends into a group call and hold a quiz, or hold your own at-home bake off where you show each other the yummy foods you’ve baked. You can even video call while you all watch the same film, enjoying a movie night together from your own homes. You could even all make a coffee, grab a cake and have a coffee morning - the possibilities are endless!



Keeping connected doesn’t necessarily mean talking to each other face to face. Music apps like Spotify are a great way to keep in touch through creating playlists. Create playlists that make you think of a person, or of songs you think they’d like, and send them the link. It’s a great gift that could be hours of fun.


How are you keeping in touch with your friends and family? Let us know!



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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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