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Homework can be time-consuming for both children and parents. Increasingly, there’s a divide between those who believe that homework plays an important part in learning and those who suggest the time would be better spent playing outdoors, with family and developing relationships. For many families, homework can be stressful.  It is hard to find the time, space and energy to fit homework into an already jam-packed daily schedule.


Our Homework Club is designed to enable learners and families to have the best of both worlds. Children can attend our club to complete all the weekly homework challenges that have been set by class teachers in MyMaths and Reading Eggs, and still enjoy their evenings and weekends with their families.


Our Homework Club:

  • Provides a safe, quiet and calm space for children to concentrate.

  • Provides a supportive environment.

  • Offers small group support.

  • Encourages children to share their knowledge.

  • Provides an opportunity to build relationships.

  • Enables children to develop good work habits and a positive attitude towards learning.

  • Develops independent learning.

  • Support and completion of MyMaths homework set by their class teachers.

  • Support and completion of Reading Eggs homework set by their class teachers.


Homework Club focuses on MyMaths and Reading Eggs, with story time and big book reading for our Early Years children.


You can find out more about our MyMaths homework system here.


You can find out more about our Reading Eggs homework system here.


Please see the gallery below to view events and activities within this club:

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

Termly Attendance
  • Whole School 94.2
  • Nursery AM 89.7 / PM 86.9
  • Reception 91.7
  • Year 1 95
  • Year 2 92.2
  • Year 3 95.2
  • Year 4 93.7
  • Year 5 96.7
  • Year 6 92.7
House Points
  • Glyndwr 6,449
  • Llewellyn 5,349
  • Caradog 6,392