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Play, Learn and Grow Together


At LPS Wraparound the safety and wellbeing of all children is the most import thing that we always consider. Throughout the day the children interact with both children and staff regularly, thus allowing them to understand the difference in the way they would need to communicate with people such as fellow peers or adults. When interacting with one another the children can co-operate, take turns, and share the toys, this is something that we teach and explain to the children regardless of their age, as it is a life skill that they will all need to learn and the younger they learn it then better.


During activities, our Wraparound team enable children to access prior knowledge using skilled questioning techniques that engage thinking to access understanding. This enables the child to feel that their thoughts are valued and relevant. This also develops confidence through their explanation of their thinking to others.


All staff members know the capability and individual needs of each child; therefore, all staff will ensure that the children are completing something that is accessible to them that will challenge them slightly in order for them to progress with regards to their development. All activities that are implemented with the children promote and encourage progress within different areas of their development and their learning.


On the Famly app, the children have their development tracked and the staff will provide clear targets and next steps to further the child’s progress and development.

When it comes to pupil voice, we regularly ask the children what it is they would like to learn about linked to the current topic. That will then be put into the planning and activities relating to that will be implemented with the children and prior to starting the activity we remind the children of whose idea that activity was. In addition to this, within the after-school sessions the children who attend are regularly asked if there are any new clubs or activities that they would like to do. This again will be put into place and the children can then participate in activities that they want to do which will keep them engaged for longer periods of time.


Priorities for Improvement:

  • Further improve engagement in learning within the afterschool setting, through the provision of more detailed and structured project plans that considers learner voice and choice.

  • Improve communication of these plans with parents/carers to enhance home/service learning for all families.


LPSW Assessment of Wellbeing: Good

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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