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Week: 27/04/2020

Giglets: How Plants Grow


Complete the assigned tasks.

This week it would be nice if you could help our little buzzing bees in the garden. By planting seeds, there is more pollen and nectar for the bees. You can either grow a seed or you can plant a flower. It is up to you. There are some activities below for your children to take part in. If you want to write labels for your plant in the document, putting a plant together you can. I would love to hear you tell me what your plant needs, to help it grow.  I am looking forward to see your super photos.

Maths: Ordering numbers


Hide some numbers! Go on a number hunt in the garden. When you find them, shout out the number and order the numbers to make a number line. Or, you can put numbers in a paddling pool and fish them out to make a number line. 


You may like to make your own numbers. Paint pebbles to look like bees and write a number on each pebble. 




Paint black and yellow stripes on a sheet of paper. When dry, put the sheet on a tray. Pour plain salt on top. Can you draw a bee and write the word in the salt. The coloured stripes will come through. You can use your finger, a feather or a paint brush to create your marks. Or you can write the sound b and make a list of words that begin with b. Here are some words you might like to try. 

big, ben, bee, bug, ball, bag, bun.


Have some fun playing the games below.


We found out bees make honey. May be you would like to make your own honey sandwich. What shape will you cut your bread?



How about getting a little messy making a hand print bee!


Can you make a pretty flower for your bee? You can decorate in any way you want. You can use paint, seeds, paper or coloured pencils. I am excited to see you becoming creative.

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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