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Week Beginning: 4th January 2021 (6th - 8th)

My Maths

Your homework tasks have been set for this week on MyMaths. Don't forget you can also practice any of the lessons by clicking on the 'Practice' tab after you login - remember to look at the 'Lesson' before attempting the questions. 


Spelling / Reading

Your tasks have been set on Reading Eggspress. Don't forget you can also access lots of reading books using the Library on the platform too. Use the scrolling option at the top of the library to select the age to increase or decrease the difficulty of the text.


To compile a set of Research Questions for our new topic: Darwin's Delights.


Task 1 - Matrix Questions

Below, I have included a Question Matrix poster and YouTube video about Charles Darwin to help you think of some questions that you wish to explore throughout this topic.  


Make sure to share you questions with me to help create a bank of research questions to look at during this topic - (


Task 2 - Research Presentation

After you have finished your questions, start your research on Darwin and any areas that may interest you. Present your research by beginning a presentation (e.g. PowerPoint, Playlist, etc.) which you will be able to add to throughout the topic.


Do your best to complete these activities and don't forget, if you need any help with any of the tasks - please don't hesitate to contact me.


Happy New Year to you all,

Mr Williams 😁

Question Matrix

Charles Darwin and Evolution

Pupil Work


Task 1 - Matrix Questions


Here are the Matrix Questions suggested by: Amelia T, Emily, Evie, Keira, Morgan, Olivia C, Olivia W, Ollie, Sophie, Taylor, and Zac.


  1. Who is Charles Darwin?

  2. When did Darwin start learning about nature and animals?

  3. Where and when did Darwin travel on his voyage?

  4. Why did he travel around the world to study?

  5. What countries did Darwin visit?

  6. How long did it take for Charles Darwin to get to Galapagos Island?

  7. How did Darwin tell people about his theories?

  8. How long did it take Darwin to complete the research to write his book?

  9. Which species has evolved the most?

  10. How have different animals adapted to where they live?

  11. What is natural selection?

  12. Can evolution be proven? Is it fact or theory?

  13. How did people's belief in religion change because of Darwin's theories?

  14. How did Darwins theory on evolution change history?

  15. How might humans carry on evolving?

  16. What might cause humans or animals to evolve again? How long does evolution take?

  17. How do humans interfere with evolution?

  18. How might climate affect adaptation in animals?


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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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