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Week Beginning 25th January

Hi Year 2!


I hope you have all had a lovely week! Thank you for your reading videos! It was great to see you all and I enjoyed hearing you read. I hope you enjoy this week's tasks. We are focussing on History and Geography this week. 

My Maths

This week we are going to practise our 5 times table! Before you complete the MyMaths activity, follow this link to see the online lesson on BBC Bitesize. There are further games below to help you practise counting in 5s before you undertake the MyMaths lesson.


Bitesize Counting in 5s

If you are confident with your 5 times table, continue to practise your 2s and 10s.

Some of you may wish to start your 3 times table.

Additional games and resources if you wish to use them.

Spelling / Comprehension

Your spelling and comprehension tasks have been set on Reading Eggs. You can also access lots of reading books using the Library on the platform too. Use the scrolling option at the top of the library to select the age to increase or decrease the difficulty of the text. 

Topic Work

This week we are looking a bit closer to home and are going to learn about Betsi Cadwaladr. I am going to read you the story below. As you listen to the story, look carefully at the pictures to gain clues about what life was like long ago.



Betsi Cadwaladr

Still image for this video

Listen to the Story of Betsi.

Still image for this video


1/ Think about the pictures in the story. What do you notice? What do they tell you about what life was like in the past? Think about clothing, the home, rich and poor.

2/ Using the map of Wales below, can you find Swansea? Can you find Bala where Betsi was from? Can you locate other areas of interest to you on the map of Wales?

3/ In the story it listed all the places in the world that Betsi visited. Using the World map below, can you find these places?

4/ Choose to label the places Betsi visited on either the blank World map, or highlight them on the labelled World map below.  


I'll look forward to seeing your great work this week! Email me on

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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