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Week Beginning: 22nd March 2021 (23rd - 26th)

My Maths

Your homework tasks have been set for this week on MyMaths.


  1. Complete the 'Lesson' before attempting the homework tasks
  2. Complete the 'Homework Task'
  3. Retry the 'Homework Task' at least once to try and improve your score or make sure you understand the topic fully - revisiting the lesson may help with this.


Don't forget you can also practice any of the lessons by clicking on the 'Practice' tab after you login.


Spelling / Reading

Your tasks have been set on Reading Eggspress. Don't forget you can also access lots of reading books using the Library on the platform too. Use the scrolling option at the top of the library to select the age to increase or decrease the difficulty of the text.

Topic Task 1: Pharaoh Reasoning 

I have set some Egyptian based problems for you to solve.

Remember to show all of your workings and set your work out clearly - and don't forget to include the correct unit of measurement, especially on the area question.

If you have any problems with this, please email me (You all told me you know how to!!)

Good Luck!

Topic Task 2: Q.M. Research

Your task is to create a presentation about the topic - with the Matrix Question (set below) forming the basis of your research areas.


This presentation will be an ongoing project, which can be added to as the weeks go by. 


For this week you could focus on the Pharaohs, explaining who they are, what they did during their reigns and giving facts about what happened after Pharaohs died. I have included some website links and QM questions, that you could use, below:

Q.M. Questions: 
How long did the Pharaoh Dynasty last? How many Pharaohs? Why were the pyramids built?
Why did Egyptians use hieroglyphs as letters? What did the Egyptians do when a Pharaoh died?
What Gods did the Ancient Egyptians believe in? Who were they? Why was the Nile so important to the Ancient Egyptians?
How many letters are there in the Ancient Egyptian alphabet? Who was the last Pharaoh?
Who were the most important Pharaohs? How did Howard Carter discover Tutankhamun's tomb?
What kind of treasure was put in pyramids? What is mummification? How did they do it?
What did Ancient Egyptian houses or villages look like? What type of food did the Ancient Egyptians eat?
Why were Pharaohs buried with treasures? How long did it take to build the great pyramids?
What type of jobs did Ancient Egyptians do? What was the average life span for a Pharaoh?
What happened to the old Egyptian civilisation and culture? What was life like for people in Ancient Egypt?
Were people other than Pharaohs mummified?  
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Play, Learn and Grow Together

Termly Attendance
  • Whole School 93.2
  • Nursery 90
  • Reception 94.8
  • Year 1 93.8
  • Year 2 91.4
  • Year 3 95.7
  • Year 4 91.9
  • Year 5 92.9
  • Year 6 95.1
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  • Caradog 6,392
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