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Week 6/4/2020

Home Learning tasks for 6/4/2020


I have found lots of great activities for you this week - choose your favourites or do them all , it's up to you . Not all activities will need a written response, some are to get you thinking and an opportunity to review what you have found out about plants so far.

Class Question Matrix

Question Matrix

Topic Work


Back at school, in your talk partners , we created a list of questions for our research and to lead our own learning. Have a look at some of the questions in the photo. Are there some you can answer already?


If you think you can answer any of the questions below, I'd love to see your explanations on a short video or in a written form / picture with a caption /  rap or dance!


"How long will it take for seeds to grow?" by Theo H and Noah.

From the videos you have seen of our seeds, what does it tell you? Remember there are a variety of types of seeds in each tray.


"How does the sun and rain actually help flowers to grow?" by Rory and Charlie.

From your knowledge of the lifecycle of plants and the different parts of a plant, can you answer this question? What does the sunshine help plants to do?


"Why might some flowers make you sneeze?" by Preston and Lucas G.

Let's see if you can find out  using the links below:



Dr Binocs

Kids Video Show

Flowers and Sneeze





This week our focus is measures. What items can you find around the home that are useful to measure height, weight or capacity? Practise weighing or measuring items. What scale/units are on the items you are using? For example, how might you weigh out ingredients for a cake? How might you measure how much liquid to put in a casserole or soup? How would you measure how long your windows are if you were buying new curtains? We need to use measuring skills in our everyday lives - can you find more examples?



Well done to those of you who have completed your reading questions! This week read for pleasure. 

It would be amazing if you could record a short video of yourselves reading. It would be great to be able to listen to you while not actually being at school. I will then add it to the 'Sharing our learning' folder for this week for everyone to enjoy. You can choose a book from your Giglets library or whatever you like to read, it is up to you!



Listen to the story of Thumbelina on school radio. Listen carefully. Can you answer the following questions?

  • Who is telling the story - how do you know?
  • Why is Thumbelina so small?
  • Why do the different creatures kidnap Thumbelina?
  • Why does the beetle abandon Thumbelina?
  • How do you think Thumbelina feels when she is told she needs to marry mole? What makes you think that? How do you think you would have felt in this situation?
  • Why do you think the swallow rescues Thumbelina?
  • Why do you think Thumbelina gets wings in the end? What do you think the wings represent?



Spellings are in the usual place. Try to find out the definitions for some of the words. You could write a sentence with the individual word in or explain to a family member what it means.


Topic Work

Can you create your own pollinator attracting flower? A flower that would attract bees and butterflies? Think about your learning over the past two weeks. What would your flower need to have to be a great pollinator? You can draw your flower or you can use JIT draw. I have put a supporting prompt worksheet below to help you.


I have also added a few additional Science Experiment below if you would like to do additional activities. You will need a grown up to help you with it.


Dance / Movement 

Have some fun listening to the following videos! 

John Hartman

April Springtime 


For all your dancers out there! Try this one.. Spring in my step. I'd love to see some videos of you doing this. I know lots of you girls and boys could do this one really well!



Week 3 - How are our seeds doing?

Still image for this video

Measurements Take One!

Still image for this video

Measurements Take Two!

Still image for this video

Rainbows - Thank you NHS!

Theo has sent me some wonderful photos of how he has wanted to support the NHS and say thank you for the great work they are doing. I was wondering if anyone else had made any rainbows? I have made rainbow pictures with my two little boys this week. If you want to send me any photos of your rainbows, we'll cover this weeks page in lovely rainbows to make us all smile!


Follow this link for some rainbow crafts that you might want to do at home.

Beau's Rap- I love it!

Still image for this video
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