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Week 30/3/2020

Well done everyone on a great first week of home learning! I have really enjoyed receiving your work, photos and videos! Keep them coming so we can all share our experiences and keep in touch. 


Mrs Bate. 


Home Learning Area Tasks for the week of: 30/03/2020



Position and Direction.

I have put some supporting powerpoints below. Use before you start mymaths - use the warm up version first.


To get you started, recap over position and direction before moving on. This is a tricky concept which we have not yet covered in class. In class we would do lots of practical activities before going on mymaths or working in a book. Try the activities below before going online.


You could draw out a grid (using squares) and a track for a lego figure / character / doll / car / dinosaur!  Choose a starting point and a end position. Make sure you face your character the direction they are going before giving them a set of directions to move around your grid. Another idea is to draw out a treasure map (on a squared grid). Direct a character from their boat to the treasure!


You could also make a track in the garden for your family and give them directions? It is easier if you draw out a grid with squares, if you have a patio, then each slab could be a square! Try to use the following vocabulary: forward, left, right, back, quarter turn, half turn, right angle and full turn. 


I'd love to see videos (no longer than 30secs on I cannot upload) or photos of you having fun with this at home!




You can also practise these skills on JIT 


The task is due by next Saturday. Can't wait to see how you get on!



Well done to all of you who completed last week's tasks! I have marked your reading questions and you all did amazingly well! I've set a book all about the life cycle of a plant to support you with your learning this week.  Log on and click on the library to get started.



Spellings are in the usual place! Ask your family to give you quiz. 

There is also a fantastic resource called phonics play that is free at the moment! Why not have a look:


Username: march20

Password: home


Topic Work:

We have all found out about a plant and labelled the different parts. So how do we ensure flowers / plants and vegetables continue to grow? This is called a life cycle. Can you draw a diagram to explain the life cycle of a plant using the clip below?


Think carefully about how seeds are planted. Is it only by humans? Do plants only grow from seeds? Are there other ways that plants continue to grow? 


When you draw your diagram, sometimes it is helpful to draw it in a circle as this shows that it starts all over again, this is called a cycle. When you label your diagram, use words like first, then, next, after that, finally. 


TOP TIP : Try to back up your sentences with an explanation e.g.

Next they grow roots. (limited information)

Next they grow roots to find water. (explained why roots grow)


USEFUL WEBSITES - Sing along! - time lapse video of a seed growing -Dr Bionics





How are the seeds doing this week?

Still image for this video

Measurements - if you want to make a bar chart on JIT.

Still image for this video
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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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