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Week: 30.03.2020

Well done Reception on an amazing first week of home learning! I have loved receiving your work and photos! Keep them coming so we can all share our experiences and keep in touch. Thank you very much for all your support. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Miss Gaffney.  


Home Learning Area Tasks for the week of: 30.03.20


Maths: Numbers of the week: 12 and 13. Use the number blocks websites for powerpoints- 'Ten green bottles' and 'Counting sheep'. Watch the episodes!


Shape- I'd like you to recap shape with your family. First can you draw some shapes - 2D and 3D in your homework books. Next can you find shapes around your home and garden- I'd like to see photos and videos of any shapes you draw, make or find!


GigletsWith your family, read the stories. Complete the tasks attached to the stories!


Topic Work: This week I have made a carrot cake- watch my video below. This week I want you to make something- your bed, a card, a cake...whatever you can think of! I cannot wait to see your photos and videos! Then, I'd like you to make a shelter/ home for a dog or a cat. Use cardboard boxes, or anything you can find in your house. Can you make the home waterproof? How are you going to do this? What materials will you use? Why are you using these? Write and sort these materials in your homework books or record a video- materials that are waterproof and materials that are not. Watch this video to get you started!


As the weather has been beautiful this week, I thought you could go on a 'Rainbow Scavenger Hunt'- I know Zac has been on one this week in his garden!


Phonics: Sound of the week- 'u'. Can you complete the below nelson handwriting sheet in your homework book? Write the sentence 'Uncle is upside down'.

Can you think of words beginning with 'u'? Tell your family these words. Draw and label them in your homework book. I have uploaded some new words to learn, along with your words in your reading logs!


Use the useful websites for songs and games we use in class- I have added resources here too!


Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing all your hard work this week! I have uploaded last weeks work here.


Carrot cake...

Still image for this video

My carrot cake- woop woop!

Still image for this video

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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