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Week 30/03/2020

Hi everyone. Well done to all of you that have completed your tasks from last week. I had some lovely photos sent to me, and work shared on HWB. I will be adding all of these to our page shortly, so watch this space. 


I hope everyone is taking care and having fun learning at home. 



Home Learning Area Tasks for the week of: 30/03/2020



Login to MyMaths using the school login.

From the drop down menu on the left hand side, click on Number, then Add and Subtract mental, and then Y1 Number facts and doubles and Y2 number facts and doubles (IF you want to try something a bit harder) Complete the online lesson and then login to your portal using your personal login to complete the online homework.


The following interactive games could also be used to consolidate your learning (while having fun playing games)


The following website has some nice practical ideas that you could try to help you -





This week I would like you to read the book 'Friends Find a Way' and then you have been assigned a reading task to complete afterwards.




It would be amazing if you could record a short video of yourselves reading. It would be great to be able to listen to you while not actually being at school. I will then add it to the 'Sharing our learning' folder for this week for everyone to enjoy.

You can choose whatever you like to read, it is up to you smiley


Topic Work:


This week your homework is to find out about the following things - 

  • The different needs of plants; this means what conditions plants need to grow.
  • Identify a few different types of flowers and trees in your garden or local area.What are their names? Where did you find them?
  • Try and find out about deciduous and evergreen trees. What is the difference between them? Can you find any near your home?

How you choose to record your work is up to you - Make booklets/use Office 365/draw posters etc


Useful websites -



Any work or photos of your work can be emailed to me -

Remember to have fun finding out new things.


If possible it would be amazing if you could plant your own flower and keep a diary of its growth and how it changes. Remember what it needs to grow healthily from our Science Investigation.  Take photos etc and send them to me, and I can post them on the school website. 

Why not have a competition with your family to see who can grow the tallest sunflower?



Please see the spellings section as usual for your weekly spellings! 

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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