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Week 27/4/2020

I hope you all had a good week! We have been busy here too.


We have been watching Captain Tom finish his laps of the garden and we made him a birthday card and posted it off to him. He is going to be 100 years old!


It was also my Wedding anniversary this week. I thought I'd share a photo with you, it was a lovely sunny day then too. I'll look forward to seeing what you have al been up to!

This week our theme is Plants and Trees around the World! I hope you have fun with it. Below are lots of activities linked to the rainforest. Choose your favourites. I can't wait to see how you all get on!



Well done to you all on your 3D shape task! I loved seeing photos of your models! This week's focus is data and tables!



This week your task has been set on Giglets. Use Oxford Owl, for your second text. Select a book from there at your correct level. If you have not tried it, go online, join for free and you can select all the reading books that we have in school and more! 



Spellings can be found in the usual place. Don't forget PhonicsPlay which has great activities to support word building too. There is free! Log in details are on the web page.



Use the resources below to find out about plants and trees in in the Rainforest. 


The Rainforest - think about the following...

1/ Watch 'A Trip to the Rainforest' 

a) Where is the rainforest?

b) What is it like there?

c) What do we get from the Rainforest?

d) Why should we look after it?


2/ Using BBC Bitesize, learn more about habitats and there is a quiz you can take at the end.


3/ Learn more about what the Rainforest is like by watching this clip.


4/ How are plants and trees in the Rainforest suited to their environment? Why are the shape of the leaves important? How do the plants and trees help the animals that live there?


Now that you know lots about the Rainforest, share what you have found out with me! You can do this in many ways:

  • draw a picture
  • write about it
  • create a poster
  • create a fact file about the Rainforest
  • create a magazine article
  • make a Rainforest cartoon
  • create some artwork of the plants and animals that live in the Rainforest


I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful work - I hope you enjoy the topic this week!

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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