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Week 20/4/2020

Hello from Mrs Bate!

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This week our theme is the Weather! I hope you have fun with it. Below are lots of activities linked to the weather and how it supports plant growth. Choose your favourites. I can't wait to see how you all get on!



 This week's focus is a shape! Have fun with it. What shapes can you find around your home? Investigate why some items have been designed to be a particular shape. Can you use 3D shapes around the house to make your own models? Investigate which stack better. Which roll and which do not roll? Why might this be? Additional resources and games to help you with this are below.



This week your task has been set on the weather! . I hope you enjoy it. It is a simple text but may help you with your weather tasks below.


For your second text, select a book from Oxford Owl at your correct level. If you have not tried it, go online, join for free and you can select all the reading books that we have in school and more! My little boy is really enjoying the Project X books at the moment. 



Spellings can be found in the usual place. I have also added a video to help with this week's sound in the spelling folder.

Don't forget PhonicsPlay which has great activities to support word building too. There is free! Log in details are on the web page.



Your teachers have had fun this week dressing up for different types of weather and singing our daily Welsh Weather song (see the video below). Can you teach it to your family? My boys and I have had fun making a weather map of Wales. We found Swansea on the map and labelled it. We have made a video of us pretending to be a weather presenter using the Welsh words for the weather and our usual Welsh patterns. I have added some resources below to help you and your family with the Welsh words and spellings that you may need.


Choose one or more of the activities from below.

1/ Make a map and pretend to be a weather presenter. In Welsh, say your name, your age, where you live, the day of the week and the weather in Welsh. Dress up and have fun! Record this on a video (no longer than 30 seconds please so that I can upload it).

2/ Make a daily weather chart and draw the daily weather symbols. Write the days of the week in Welsh along the top and label your weather drawings with the Welsh words e.g. rain - bwrw glaw.

3/ Watch the Youtube video on Photosynthesis. Some of it is a bit tricky but talk with your family about the ways the sun, rain and air help plants to grow. You can demonstrate your learning in many ways: draw a picture, label a diagram, make a poster or write a sentence.


I hope you have fun this week! Don't forget to email me your work on

Sing along! Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?

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Sut mae'r tywydd Archie?

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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