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Week: 20/04/2020

Home Learning Area Tasks for the week of: 20/04/2020


Hope you're all well! Remember to keep sending me any work you complete! Also, remember to send me pictures and videos of what you have been getting up to! 


Missing you lots!

Miss Evans.

MyMaths: Area

In Select Curriculum on the left hand side, select Curriculum for Wales, then select Using Measuring Skills from the library, then select Area and Volume, then select Introducing Area.

Go through the lesson like we do on the ctouch board in class.

I have set you an Area activity, just login to your portal using your personal login details.   


Here are some hyperlinks for some fun games you can play to help you practise area:


Remember, to work out the area of a square or a rectangle, you can count how many centimetre squares are in the shape.

You can also multiply the length of the shape by the width.

See, I told you learning your times tables comes in handy for lots of things in maths! 

Giglets: What Is Pink and Bywyd Broga.

I have assigned you the above two books. 

Read What Is Pink and answer the Reading Test Questions and the Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions. 

Have a read of Bywyd Broga just to practise your Welsh reading. 

Topic Work: Humanities / ICT

We'll continue with researching Question Matrix Questions this week! 

I'll share five more of your questions here and you can pick a question you find most interesting and research it. You can pick a question from last week's page if you prefer.


Addison - Why do volcanoes have lava inside them?

Jacob H - What is an earthquake?

Alyssa - How can we prevent a natural disaster?

Harry GE - What is a tsunami?

Carter - What types of volcanoes are there?


You can choose to present your research however you like! Have fun and remember to share your work with me! 


Spellings: Please see the spellings section as usual for your weekly spellings. 

Expressive Arts: Music

Have a go at this fantastic online lesson which teaches you all about pulse! In the lesson you will clap the pulse to lots of different pieces of music from different genres and you will learn some new songs too! Enjoy! 

Optional Task: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

The weather is supposed to be getting nicer again, so while you are outside in the garden or out on a walk with your family, see if you can find all of these items! 


  • 3 different kinds of leaves
  • Something yellow
  • 2 sticks
  • Something that smells nice
  • Something that is round
  • 3 different coloured rocks
  • A bug
  • Something you see in the sky
  • Something that grows that is green
  • Something purple


You can write down what you found, draw pictures or take photos! Remember to share with me! Have fun! 

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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