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Week: 15/06/2020

Hi Everyone!


It's time for another week's work! These weeks are coming round very quickly!


Keep sending me your work, pictures, videos, reading and anything else you have been getting up to! I love seeing it and sharing it on our class page!


Take care and sending virtual hugs,

Miss E.  

MyMaths: Word Problems

Login to MyMaths. Select Curriculum for Wales, then from the Library select Using Number Skills, then select Written Methods. In Written Methods, scroll down to Word Problems. Complete the online lesson, like we do on the ctouch board in class, then login to your portal to complete the online homework


Here are some links to some maths games to help you with word problems:


Extra Maths Task

Can you create some of your own word problems? Try and relate them to our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic! Send me the maths word problems you create, and I can post them on our page! We can all have a go at solving them! 


For example: 


Elsie buys a double cheeseburger for £4.10 and a pizza for £8.20. How much does she spend altogether?


A box holds 15 bananas. Jacob has 3 boxes of bananas. He gives out 31 bananas to his class. How many bananas does Jacob have left? 


A pineapple costs 90p. How many pineapples can be bought for £5? How much change is leftover?

Giglets: The Three Bears and Flint

Read The Three Bears and answer the Reading Test Questions. 

Read Flint and answer the Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions. 

Topic Task 1: ICT

Research bananas! What can you find out about bananas? Where do they grow? What nutrients do they contain? What type of fruit is it? What benefits do you get from eating bananas? Any other interesting facts? 

Think about how you are going to present your information. You could create a powerpoint, a word doc, a J2E doc or you could complete this by hand and send me a pic! 

Have fun and see if you can send me some really interesting facts!


Topic Task 2: DT

Following on from your banana research, bake/make something that includes bananas! It could be banana bread, banana pancakes, a banana split, a banoffee pie or anything you fancy! You could research a banana recipe that you would like to try, or you could make something you've already made before! Just make sure you have a grown up on hand to help, make sure you take lots of pictures to send me, and have lots of fun!  


Spellings: Please see the spellings section as usual for your weekly spellings. 

Virtual Tours of UK Attractions

We haven't been able to go sightseeing for a while, but I've got some links here to some amazing virtual tours of popular UK destinations. Have a look! 


Folly Farm

See what the animals are up to while you're not there!



Virtual tour that offers 360degree views


Buckingham Palace

Virtual tours of iconic rooms


Lake District

Various webcams overlooking some of the prettiest scenery


The Roman Baths

Virtual walkthrough of the iconic Roman Baths


Welsh History

Cultural landmarks of our beautiful Wales

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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