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Week 13/04/2020

Hey everyone!


Once again I had some lovely work, pictures and videos sent to me last week. Don't forget to check in the 'Sharing our Learning' folder to see all your fantastic efforts in one place.


Sadly this will probably be the last time that I add work to our page this year, as I am due to have my baby this week, but I will be sure to pop on with some messages and will definitely keep checking on the amazing stuff that you are doing while you are not in school.


I hope everyone is taking care and having fun learning at home, see you all very soon.


As of this week can all your fantastic work be sent to Mrs Bate at: as she is going to take over the page while I am away.


Home Learning Area Tasks for the week of: 13/04/2020



Login to MyMaths using the school login.

From the drop down menu on the left hand side, Red Group click on Measurement, then Y2 recognising coins. Yellow and Blue Groups click on Measurement and then Y2 using coins. Complete the online lessons and then login to your portal using your personal login to complete the online homework that has been set for you.


The following interactive games and ideas could also be used to consolidate your learning (while having fun playing games)  You could also set up your own shop at home.


Why not search for Percy Parker Times Tables online and try learning your 2x, 5x and 10x tables with him. I'm sure you'll you will find his songs very catchy. 




This week I would like you to read the book 'Eggless' and then you have been assigned a reading test for after.




It would be amazing if you could record a short video of yourselves reading. It would be great to be able to listen to you while not actually being at school. I will then add it to the 'Sharing our learning' folder for this week for everyone to enjoy.

You can choose whatever you like to read, it is up to you 


Topic Work:


This week your homework is to choose some of the fun ideas that I have listed below to do at home with your family. This will then be the end of our Scented Garden Topic, so it might be nice to write a Super Evaluation of everything you have found out during this topic.


  • Why not have a go at this fun and simple science experiment. It will show you how the stem transports water up to the flower. Then do a little write up or draw pictures to show what happened -

  • Or you could use plants and leaves and create a collage picture of anything you like. 

  • You could watch how a seed grows by planting one in a glass jar or plastic cup... Then write a little diary of what happens each day.

  • Or you could have a look at Mr Bloom’s video below, on how to make a cress head. These really do look fun to make. You could make one of yourself or a family member to grow at home.                                                                          

Here is one my daughter made of her Bampi he he he 



Any work or photos of your work can be emailed to Mrs Bate  -

Remember to have fun finding out new things.


If possible it would be amazing if you could plant your own flower and keep a diary of its growth and how it changes. Remember what it needs to grow healthily from our Science Investigation.  Take photos etc and send them to me, and I can post them on the school website. 

Why not have a competition with your family to see who can grow the tallest sunflower?



Please see the spellings section as usual for your weekly spellings! 

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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