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Week: 13/04/2020

Home Learning Area Tasks for the week of: 13/04/2020


I will continue to set up two new sub pages on every home-learning page each week!


One will be for sharing everything you've done each week! It could be your school work, or it could even be fun things you have done with your families! I will share what I've been doing with the children too! Remember to send me lots of pictures and videos using my email address. 


The second sub page is all about reading! It is very important that we keep reading lots while we are at home! So this area will be for you to share any reading that you have done this week. You could video yourself reading some of your book, or even something you have written yourself!


I will put these sub pages underneath your weekly activities! I look forward to seeing all your pictures and videos! 

MyMaths: Sharing and Dividing

In Select Curriculum on the left hand side, select Curriculum for Wales, then select Using Number Skills from the library, then select Number Facts and Relationships, then select Sharing.

Go through the lesson like we do on the ctouch board in class.

I have set you a Sharing activity, just login to your portal using your personal login details.   


When you are confident with Sharing, you can move onto Dividing. 

Follow the same instructions as above, but instead of selecting Sharing, select Dividing. 

Go through the lesson like we do on the ctouch board in class.

I have set you a Dividing activity, just login to your portal using your personal login details.


Here are some hyperlinks for some fun games you can play to help you practise sharing and dividing



There are lots of practical ways you can have fun with sharing and division:

You could try doing this with sweets, or even mini eggs that you had for Easter! 

Share your sweets into an egg carton or anything similar. 

Start with an amount of sweets, for example, 30.

Share them out equally into an egg carton which might have, for example, 6 sections. 

Count how many are in each section and write out the division sum 

30 ÷ 6 = 5 

If you started with a different number (maybe one that is not divisible by 6), for example, 28, then share them out equally as above but whatever is leftover would be the remainder

28 ÷ 6 = 4 r 4 

If you have a pack of cards handy, you could play this game  - Go Fish! 

Instead of looking for matching pairs in your hand, try and find pairs of cards that divide evenly into each other. For example, in the hand shown in the picture above, the player could lay down the 8 and the 2 because they divide evenly to make 4. 

Giglets: The Emperor's New Clothes and The Cow

I have assigned you the above two books. 

Read them through and answer the Reading Test Questions.

No Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions this week! 

Topic Work: Humanities / ICT

At the beginning of the topic, we all used the LPS Question Matrix to generate interesting questions related to our topic, Disaster Zone. I will share some of the questions here, and for your topic task this week, pick a question that you find most interesting and research it.


Oliver B - How do tornadoes twist?

Frazer - Why do tsunamis happen?

Lexi - What do people do to protect themselves from natural disasters?

Mia C - Why does a blizzard start?

Harri S - What happens in a thunderstorm?


You can choose to present your research however you like! Have fun and remember to share your work with me!  

Spellings: Please see the spellings section as usual for your weekly spellings. 

Optional Task: Baking

If you want, have a go at baking something! It can be whatever you want, just have fun and send me a picture of what you've made! On your marks, get set... BAKE! 

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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