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Week: 11/05/2020

Hi everyone! 


Hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend in the sun! 


Here are your activities for this week! Have lots of fun while you're completing them and remember to keep sending me your pictures and videos! 

Don't forget, you can send me videos of you reading as well! 


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Evans. 

MyMaths: Perimeter

In Select Curriculum on the left hand side, select Curriculum for Wales, then select Using Measuring Skills from the library, then select Length Weight/Mass Capacity, then select Introducing Perimeter. 

Go through the lesson like we do on the ctouch board in class. 

I have set you a Perimeter activity, just login to your portal using your personal login details. 


Here are some hyperlinks for some fun games you can play to help you practise Perimeter:


Remember, the distance all the way around the outside of a shape, is the perimeter! 

Giglets: Carmen, The Farmer and What The Monsters Munch

I have assigned you the above two books. 

Read Carmen, The Farmer and answer the Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions. 

Read What The Monsters Munch and answer the Reading Test Questions. 


I have also assigned you Y Dyn Bach Sinsir.

Have a read of this book to practise your Welsh reading. 

Topic Task: Expressive Arts

I thought we'd have a bit of fun with music this week!


Have you seen the film/musical Oliver? In Oliver, there is a very famous song called Food, Glorious Food! 


Here is a clip of the song, for those of you who might not be familiar with it!

Oliver! (The Musical) (1968) Food Glorious Food

Oliver! (The Musical) (1968) This is just a small clip from the movie Oliver! Food Glorious Food Written by: LIONEL BART Is it worth the waiting for, If we l...

Oliver! Live- Food Glorious Food

To see more of "Oliver!," go to ! The King's Academy, a National Blue Ribbon, Christ...

The lyrics in the chorus of the song contain lots of different examples of foods that the boys in the workhouse would like to eat. Because the film is set in the Victorian times, the food choices are slightly old-fashioned. I'll post the lyrics here for you: 


Food, glorious food!

Hot sausage and mustard!

While we're in the mood

Cold jelly and custard!

Pease pudding and saveloys

What next is the question?

Rich gentlemen have it boys,



Food, glorious food

We're anxious to try it

Three banquets a day

Our favourite diet

Just picture a great big steak

Fried, roasted, or stewed

Oh food! Magical food! Wonderful food! Marvellous food!


So what I'd like you to do is have a go at re-writing the lyrics to the chorus of the song, but include foods that you like to eat! 


I've had a go at doing it myself! Here's my version:


Food, glorious food!

Cake, chocolate and biscuits!

Make sure you include,

Steak, pork chops and brisket!  

Egg fried rice and crispy duck,

Sweet and sour chicken!

And if you have all the luck,

King prawn chow mein!


Food, glorious food

Spag bol and lasagne!

Cheese and garlic bread,

I can’t wait to eat ya!

Just picture a cheeseburger,

Freshly barbecued!

Oh food! Magical food! Wonderful food! Marvellous food!

So, can you have a go at re-writing the lyrics? Can you send me your new version? Or, can you send me a video of you performing the song? That would be amazing! Have fun! 

Topic Task: Science

Ask a grown up to put some different food items into a feely bag! Don't sneak a peak in the bag though! You have to put your hand in with your eyes closed or blindfolded, and see if you can work out what the food item is just by feeling it! 

After the activity, share with me what items were in your bag and which ones you guessed correctly or not! You could take a photo, draw a picture or write/type up what happened! Have fun! 

Fun Task: Health and Wellbeing

Create an obstacle course! Plan and make an obstacle course either inside your house or in your garden! What household items can you use in your obstacle course? Decide on rules for your obstacle course! Get all your family involved and send me a video of you using it! Have lots of fun!  

Spellings: Please see the spelling section as usual for your weekly spellings. 

Fortnite Quiz!

Any Fortnite fans out there? Test your Fortnite knowledge by having a go at this fun quiz! No cheating!! Let me know what scores you get! I'll post the answers on the weekend!


1. When did Fortnite Battle Royale release?

2. How many default skins are there when you start the game?

3. What is the currency in Fortnite called?

4. What company made Fortnite?

5. What rarity is the Raptor skin?

6. What is the cost of a skull trooper?

7. What is the rarest skin in the game?

8. Which item was unvaulted in the unvaulting event?

9. Which season did not have a battle pass?

10. What is the first vehicle to be added to the game?


Good Luck! 

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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