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Week: 06/04/2020

Home Learning Area Tasks for the week of: 06/04/2020


I will continue to set up two new sub pages on every home-learning page each week!


One will be for sharing everything you've done each week! It could be your school work, or it could even be fun things you have done with your families! I will share what I've been doing with the children too! Remember to send me lots of pictures and videos using my email address. 


The second sub page is all about reading! It is very important that we keep reading lots while we are at home! So this area will be for you to share any reading that you have done this week. You could video yourself reading some of your book, or even something you have written yourself!


I will put these sub pages underneath your weekly activities! Look forward to seeing all your pictures and videos! 

MyMaths: 3D Shape

In Select Curriculum on the left hand side, select Curriculum for Wales, then select Using Geometry Skills from the library, then select Shape.

You can re-cap 3D shape by clicking on the Introducing 3D Shapes lesson and the 2D and 3D Shapes lesson, but the lesson you are completing your online work on is the 3D Shapes lesson.

Go through the lesson like we do o the ctouch board in class.

I have set you a 3D Shape activity, just login to your portal using your personal login details.   


Remember, 3D shapes have ways that you can describe them. The sides are called the faces, the lines are called the edges, and the corners (or points) are called the vertices. 


Here are some hyperlinks for some fun games you can play, to help you learn about 3D shapes.



As an extra optional task, make an Easter basket using a 3D shape! You can research 3D shape nets (which are what 3D shapes look like when they are unfolded) and you can make your own Easter basket, in any 3D shape you like! Your basket could be cube shaped, cuboid shaped, could it even be cylinder shaped? Remember to add handles and decorate it! Send me pictures when you have completed it!

Giglets: The Tortoise And The Hare and Eggless

I have assigned you the above two books. 

Read them through and answer the Reading Test Questions and the Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions. 

Topic Work: Literacy / Humanities

Write a story in which the main character is victim to a natural disaster. Explain how this has affected their life and how they will move on. 


Here is the success criteria for writing your story:

> Organise your writing into paragraphs

> Make sure there's a clear beginning, middle and end

> Use speech marks for speech (if there is any) - remember 66s and 99s

> Use capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks correctly

> Use plenty of adjectives (describing words)

> Use lively and interesting vocabulary. 


Enjoy this activity and try and make your story as exciting as you can! Think about how you open your story, you need to grab the reader's attention with that first sentence! Will your story have a twist? Will your story end happily or will there be a cliff-hanger? I know how imaginative you all are! Remember to give your story a title after you have written it, and remember to use a dictionary to check your spellings. 


You can complete your story on Word or J2E and share it with me, or you can handwrite it and ask a grown up to email me a picture of it! Whatever you're happiest with! 


You could even ask a grown up to film you reading your story and send it to me, and I can share your video in our Reading sub-page!


Spellings: Please see the spellings section as usual for your weekly spellings.  

Optional Extra Easter Task: Design an Easter Egg

If you want, you can design an Easter Egg! Think about designing the brightest, most colourful Easter Egg you can, and I will share the pictures you send me on our webpage! 

Happy Easter! 

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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