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Week: 06/04/2020

Home Learning Area Tasks for the week of: 06/04/2020


Class Connectivity

To keep our class connected and to see what we all have been doing during these unprecedented times, I would like you to send me either a picture or small video of something you have been up to. This could include a walk, exercise routines, painting, etc - anything you have been up to and want to share. I will then put all of these moments into a video montage to share with you at the end of the week.  




In the top left-hand corner select 'Curriculum for Wales'. Then, from the 'Library', choose 'Using Data Skills'. Then select 'Probability'. I would like you to try, 'Probability Intro'. Select the 'Lesson' to help you understand before completing the 'Online Homework' task.


Important: Don't forget to select the 'Lesson' before attempting the 'Online Homework' task.


If you don't get things correct first time, keep trying the tasks until you have a better understanding or ask for help. 


Don't forget there is also a selection of Maths websites on the Year 5 class page - click here to view.




There are two books for you to read. Once you have read them carefully, complete the tasks assigned.


Book 1: East of the Sun and West of the Moon - Reading Test Questions for Chapters 1, 2 and 3

Book 2: Cormoran: The Cornish Giant - (reading in preparation for next week's task)


Topic Work: Flipgrid Presentation


I would like you to record a video presentation on the research you have undertaken in this topic.

This is a presentation, so think about how you speak to the camera - don't just read!
Use your own understanding and explain in detail.

Topics you may wish to talk about:
- Photosynthesis
- Germination
- Plant features: what each part does, defence mechanisms, etc
- How plants are important to life

(Tip: use your PPT presentations to help!)


Flipgrid code: a35fa35a 

You will need to log in with your hwb accounts to access the page - any questions please ask.




Your spelling words are available for you to learn - a family member could test you on Friday.

You could also complete the activities from Friday's Spelling lesson - sentences, definitions and 'words within words'. Don't forget to share your work with me.

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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  • Year 4 91.9
  • Year 5 92.9
  • Year 6 95.1
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