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Week: 04/05/2020

Home Learning Area Tasks for the week of: 04/05/2020


Class Connectivity

To keep our class connected and to see what we all have been doing during these unprecedented times, I would like you to send me either a picture or small video of something you have been up to. This could include a walk, exercise routines, painting, etc - anything you have been up to and want to share. I will then put all of these moments into a video montage to share with you at the end of the week.  




In the top left-hand corner select 'Curriculum for Wales'. Then, from the 'Library', choose 'Using Measuring Skills'. Then select 'Length weight/ mass capacity'. I would like you to try, 'Units of capacity'. Select the 'Lesson' to help you understand before completing the 'Online Homework' task.


Important: Don't forget to select the 'Lesson' before attempting the 'Online Homework' task.


If you don't get things correct first time, keep trying the tasks until you have a better understanding or ask for help. 


Don't forget there is also a selection of Maths websites on the Year 5 class page - click here to view.




There are two books for you to read. Once you have read them carefully, complete the tasks assigned.


Book 1: The Year Of The Sheep - reading test questions

Book 2: Adam And The Dragon's Treasure - (reading in preparation for next week's task)


Topic 1: Running your theme park


Use your Theme Park Plans to copy out the table to figure out your theme park's daily running costs.

Tip: An excel spreadsheet would be an appropriate way of completing this task (see walkthrough below). Remember to save and give your spreadsheet a name!


To run your theme park the following costs will apply to each item that you have every day. 


How much will it cost to run your theme park for one day? 




Staff Costs 

Electricity, Maintenance & Repairs 

Number in park 

Total Costs per day 

Category 1 Ride (per ride) 

£40 per day 

£50 a day 



Category 2 Ride (per ride) 

£30 per day 

£30 a day 



Category 3 Facility (per facility) 

£20 per day 

£ 20 a day 



Toilets (all toilets) 

£5 per day 

£5 a day 



Bins (all bins) 

£31.50 per week *

£5.25 a week 



Trees (all trees) 

£91.25 per year *

*work out what it would be per day










Copy and complete the table above to fit your designed theme park.  


How much does it cost for your theme park to be open for: 


  1. One day?

  2. One week?

  3. One Year? 


Topic 2 – Entry Fee 


Look at the Pricing Criteria below. Write down the Price Category that best suits your theme park. Show you plan to your parents – Do they agree with your categorisation?  


Price Category 1 - £20 per person. 

  • Four or more category 1 rides 

  • 10 or more rides in total 

  • 6+ category 3 facilities 

  • A first aid centre 

  • A well set out park with carefully placed bins, benches, toilets and paths. 


Price Category 2 - £15 per person. 

  • Two or more category 1 rides 

  • 7 or more rides in total 

  • 4 or more category 3 facilities 

  • A first aid centre 

  • Some consideration to where bins, toilets, benches and paths are placed. 


Price Category 3 - £10 per person. 

  • One or more category 1 rides. 

  • 5 or more rides in total. 

  • 2 or more category 3 facilities. 

  • Some errors in where bins, toilets, benches and paths are placed which may lead to unhappy customers. 


Price Category 4 - £5 per person. 

  • At least 3 rides 

  • At least 1 category 3 facility. 

  • Some errors in where bins, toilets and paths are placed which may lead to unhappy customers. 



Decide on the entry price and email me your price category - you need to justify why you think it should be that category. I will email you back if I agree or not! 




Your spelling words are available for you to learn - a family member could test you on Friday.

You could also complete the activities from Friday's Spelling lesson - sentences, definitions and 'words within words'. Don't forget to share your work with me.

Theme Park Maths Excel Walkthrough

Q.M. Pupil Questions

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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