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Week: 04/05/2020

Hi girls and boys!


Hope you're all safe and well! 


Remember to keep emailing me your work, and keep sending me your pictures and videos of what you've been up to! I love seeing them and sharing them on our website! 


We are starting our new topic this week! It's called Scrumdiddlyumptious! I'm so excited! 

I'll explain a bit more about the new topic below, in the topic work section. 


Take care and missing you all lots, 


Miss Evans. 

MyMaths: Fractions

In Select Curriculum on the left hand side, select Curriculum for Wales, then select Using Number Skills from the library, then select Fractions, then select Simple Fractions. 

Go through the lesson like we do on the ctouch board in class. 

I have set you a Fractions activity, just login to your portal using your personal login details. 


Here are some hyperlinks for some fun games you can play to help you practise Fractions:


If you are finding fractions tricky, it is sometimes useful to look at a fraction wall:

A fraction wall helps you visualise how fractions relate to each other in size. For example, you can see on the fraction wall that one half is the same as two quarters. 

Look at the fraction wall and you can discuss questions related to it such as, how many halves make up one whole? Or how many sixths make up one whole? 


Another helpful prompt when learning about fractions is a 0-1 number line. Draw a number line and label 0 at one end and 1 at the other. Have a go at marking on the number line where 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 are. 


Food is a fantastic fractions resource! Try doing some pizza making! Put toppings evenly across a pizza. Investigate if you've put 10 pepperoni slices evenly on the pizza and cut the pizza into 5 even slices, how many pepperoni pieces on each slice? Chocolate that is marked out in sections is another good edible resource! Investigate how many sections would make up half the bar, a third of the bar, a quarter of the bar etc. If you answer correctly, you can eat that fraction!

Giglets: The Magic Porridge Pot and The Princess And The Pea

I have assigned you the above two books. 

Read The Magic Porridge Pot and answer the Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions.

Read The Princess And The Pea and answer the Reading Test Questions. 

Topic Task: LPS Question Matrix

It is now time to start our new topic Scrumdiddlyumptious! (Try saying that 5 times quickly!) This topic is all about food! 

Tuck in and enjoy a yummy journey of discovering fantastic fruits, venerable vegetables and tantalising treats! Work up an appetite with delicious stories about food, investigate exciting recipes and write your own too! Then get busy in the kitchen making tasty dishes from across the world and discover how good food helps you grow fit and strong!


So we're going to start this topic the same way we start every topic - using our LPS Question Matrix to generate questions that YOU want to find the answers to! You can come up with anything that links to food! Remember, we will be learning about where different foods come from all over the world, so maybe you could link some of your questions to that! 


I have uploaded a copy of the QM here: 

Use the Question Matrix to help you generate questions, start with the red words then continue with the green words. Try and come up with two questions for each question starter. I can't wait to read your questions! 

VE Day - Friday 8th May

On Friday, Britain will be remembering VE Day as it is the 75th anniversary. VE stands for Victory in Europe and it was the day, 75 years ago, that marks the defeat of Germany in World War 2. 


Here is some information about VE Day:  

Will you be celebrating VE Day at home with your families? Maybe you could make some Union Jack flags or bunting to decorate your home? If you do, send me some photos or videos of your celebrations!

Spellings: Please see the spelling section as usual for your weekly spellings. 


Lucas gave me a fantastic idea this week! He sent me a video of him telling me his favourite joke! It was very funny! So I thought it would be a fab idea to ask you all to send me a video telling a joke, and I can share them on here! We can all have a good laugh! Thank you Lucas and I look forward to your videos!  

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Look out for information about our LPS Quasquicentennial (125 Years) celebrations coming soon!