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Week: 01/02/21

My Maths

Your homework task has been set for this week on MyMaths. Don't forget you can also practice any of the lessons by clicking on the 'Practice' tab after you login - remember to look at the 'Lesson' before attempting the questions. 


Spelling / Reading

Your tasks have been set on Reading Eggspress. Don't forget you can also access lots of reading books using the Library on the platform too. Use the scrolling option at the top of the library to select the age to increase or decrease the difficulty of the text.




Task 1: Discussion Text - Should we continue to use plastic?


Following last week's work where you listed the pros and cons of using plastic, we can now write the main part of the text.  This is where you will present both sides of the argument and expand on the points that you have made. 


Success Criteria:

  • Title must be a question.
  • Write in paragraphs.
  • Arguments for the use of plastic.
  • Arguments against the use of plastic.
  • Connectives (However, In addition, On the other hand, etc.)


Below, I have attached the example discussion text that we looked at to find the features of a discussion. You can use this to help you to structure your writing. You can include images if you would like and present your work either on Microsoft Word or on paper. Do not write the conclusion paragraph this week, as we will be looking at this next week. 



Task 2: Oceans of the World


Well done for continuing your research and adding to your Oceans of the World fact file! This week I would like you to add to this presentation and research the Indian Ocean. You can include in your fact file information on:

  • Location - Which continents surround the Indian Ocean?
  • Name - Why is it called the Indian Ocean?
  • Size - How big is the Indian Ocean?
  • Depth - How deep is the Indian Ocean?
  • Temperature - How warm are the waters of the Indian Ocean?
  • Any other interesting facts that you find.


Here is a useful website to get you started:


National Marine Aquarium 


The National Marine Aquarium are launching free live lessons via their Youtube channel over the next few weeks. They will take place every Friday at 1pm. This week's session on the 5th of February is 'Ocean Mysteries'.  


Click here to access the website and view the lessons! 


BBC Bitesize 


Here is the BBC Bitesize schedule for lockdown lessons this week. There is a session which fits nicely with our topic, which is:  "Maths + Oceans + Wildlife" on Thursday at 9:40 with Sir David Attenborough. 



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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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