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Theme Park Task

Topic: Designing your own Theme Park


It is up to you how you go about completing this task. You could:

  • Download the Word version below and work on the document
  • Create your own document to work on
  • Use pen and paper to complete the tasks


I have provided the task on this web page, a Word document and a PDF document. If you need any help or have difficulty accessing the documents, contact me on my e-mail address -


Tip: This task will take perseverance and concentration over the couple of weeks, so make sure you take a note of all your workings as you go along to make calculations easier for yourself.

A plot of land has become available and you have decided to build a brand-new theme park. You have managed to secure a £1,000,000 loan from the bank.


During this activity you will have a range of tasks to complete, from building your theme park, to working out how much it costs to run and most importantly working out how much profit you can make.



Task 1 Designing your Theme Park.


Your first task is to plan your park. The piece of square paper you will receive will be your park.


You must carefully decide what kind of rides you are going to have. You also need to think about the other facilities visitors will need when they come to your theme park. For example, toilets, cafes, shops and paths will all be available for purchase.


Many theme parks have different areas that are ‘themed’. Therefore, you might like to have an African area, a wild west American area or a Space area. Think carefully about what you would like to include in yours and make your park the best in the UK.


Your spending limit is £1,000 000. Design and plan your theme park on the squared paper below. You must not go over your spending limit and you must have car parks, toilets, paths to connect all the items, cafes and shops for your visitors. It is not about just having rides. You will need to please all of your visitors.


Each attraction comes under a different category. Each category varies in price. Choose carefully from the prices and information page, making sure you have something which appeals to everyone.


Follow the key below when colouring in the plan of your park.


Theme Park Key


Category 1 Rides: Red

Category 2 Rides: Yellow

Category 3 Facilities: Purple

Bins: Orange

Toilets: Pink

Trees: Green

Lakes: Blue

Paths: Brown

Car Park: Grey



Prices of Attractions and Facilities


Category 1 Attractions - £90,000 each. These attractions take up 12 squares.



A rollercoaster


A water ride


A Ferris wheel



Category 2 Attractions - £35,000 each. These attractions take up 6 squares.



A bouncy castle




Haunted house


A Mirror Maze


A merry-go-round


A Pirate Ship ride


Spinning Ride


Circus Tent


Train Ride



Category 3 Attractions - £12,000 each. These attractions take up 4 squares.


A café


A shop


Ice Cream Stand


First Aid Centre




Other facilities and attractions – These items are individually priced


Path - £60 per square



Tree - £250 per tree

(1 square per tree)

Lake - £1,500 per square

Toilets - £1,000 (4 squares)



Rubbish Bin - £50 per bin (1 square per bin)



Car Park - £500 per square.

(Each square will take 100 Cars)






Use this page to keep track of your spending – remember, you cannot spend more than £1,000,000.



Map of Theme Park
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Task 2: Running your theme park


To run your theme park the following costs will apply to each item that you have every day.


Tip: An excel spreadsheet would be helpful to complete this task (see the PowerPoint guide on the class page). Remember to save and give your spreadsheet a name.


How much will it cost to run your theme park for one day?




Staff Costs

Electricity, Maintenance & Repairs

Amount in park

Total Costs per day

Category 1 Ride (per ride)

£70 per day

£50 a day



Category 2 Ride (per ride)

£40 per day

£30 a day



Category 3 Facility            (per facility)

£30 per day

£ 20 a day



Toilets               (all toilets)

£10 per day

£5 a day



Bins (all bins)

£49 per week

£17.50 per week



Trees (all trees)

£45.50  per week










Copy and complete the table above to fit your designed theme park.


How much does it cost for your theme park to be open for:


  1. One day?
  2. One week?
  3. One Year?

Task 3 – Entry Fee


How much does it cost to open your park each day? _______________ (total cost from task 2)


Look at the Pricing Criteria below. Write down the Price Category that best suits your theme park (it might not be an exact match). Show you plan to a family member – Do they agree with your categorisation?


Price Category 1 - £20 per person.

  • Four or more category 1 rides
  • 10 or more rides in total
  • 6 or more category 3 facilities
  • A first aid centre
  • A well set out park with carefully placed bins, benches, toilets and paths.


Price Category 2 - £15 per person.

  • Two or more category 1 rides
  • 7 or more rides in total
  • 4 or more category 3 facilities
  • A first aid centre
  • Some consideration to where bins, toilets, benches and paths are placed.


Price Category 3 - £10 per person.

  • One or more category 1 rides.
  • 5 or more rides in total.
  • 2 or more category 3 facilities.
  • Some errors in where bins, toilets, benches and paths are placed which may lead to unhappy customers.


Price Category 4 - £5 per person.

  • At least 3 rides
  • At least 1 category 3 facility.
  • Some errors in where bins, toilets and paths are placed which may lead to unhappy customers.



Decide on the entry price and enter it here £ __________
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