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Sea Creatures!

Bobby's shark is fabulous! I love the detail you've included on his body! Well done Bobby!

Beau has worked incredibly hard this week, and completed a 2D and a 3D sea turtle! Beau, your art work is fab and the detail is brilliant! Da iawn!

Here is Beau telling us some facts about sea turtles! Thanks Beau!

Still image for this video

Look at Morgan's incredible 3D sea turtle! Morgan, you have worked so hard here, the detail is fantastic! Ardderchog!

Zac has created a 2D image and a 3D model of a great white shark! Zac, they are both amazing! You've worked so hard! Gwaith gwych!

Check out Roman's drawing of Enguarde the Swordfish! Well done Roman, I think he's brilliant! You've worked very hard!

Look at Harry's amazing image of a clownfish! He used an app in his iPad to create it! Ardderchog Harry, your work is fantastic!

Daniel has drawn an amazing picture of a hammerhead shark! Well done Dan, you have worked very hard here!

Rory has been really busy creating his underwater scene! I love your 3D sharks and octopuses Rory! You have worked so hard, they're amazing!

Lucas G has created a 3D octopus and a 2D orca! Lucas they are both amazing, you have fab art skills! Bendigedig!

Isla has created a fabulous 3D shark! Well done Isla it looks amazing! You've worked hard on that! Bendigedig!

Layla has created an amazing 2D seahorse! Well done Layla, your drawing is absolutely fantastic! Fab colours too!

Theo HA has drawn two sea creatures! A sea turtle and a killer whale! Well done Theo, they are absolutely fantastic! Ardderchog!

Theo W has created an amazing 3D clownfish! Well done Theo, I love it! Perfect colours! You look like you had lots of fun making it too!

Peyton has drawn a fabulous image of a shark! Well done Peyton, you've worked so hard there! Bendigedig!

Lucas L has been extremely busy making all these 3D sea creatures! Well done Lucas, they're amazing! Must have taken you ages!

Well done Poppy for creating an amazing sea turtle! Ardderchog Poppy, fab art skills!

Cayden has created this amazing image of a giant squid! Well done Cayden, fantastic art skills! Bendigedig!

Well done Preston for creating this superb drawing of a great white shark! You’ve worked very hard here! Da iawn!

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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