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Our trip to Libanus Church


On Friday (29th March) year 5, Mr. Higgins and Ms. Rigdon went to Libanus church (in Morriston) for a school trip. We went to learn about Jesus’ last week alive.


Firstly, we caught a bus to Libanus Church. On the way, I had a lot of fun chatting with my friends. I sat next to Oliver; he was “funny”. It was a short journey and it was really warm. It was about 5 minutes until we got there!


When we arrived, Kevin (the church worker) welcomed us to Libanus Church. “Thank you for coming”, he said. Kevin was really nice, then we were sorted into a single file, the line was very long. The sun was out so we stayed outside whilst Kevin was talking about Easter.

Kevin showed us a display of Easter eggs. The eggs were big. When we went into the hall, the first thing I thought was that this place was HUGE! We were then given booklets to complete work about the Easter.

Then, Kevin spoke to us about the church, telling us that there were emergency doors if there was an emergency. Before we began, Kevin led a prayer about thanking God for transporting us safely.

We than began by filling information in our books, such as our name. Kevin spoke to us about other information we would be working on, like filling in bar charts that showed us how much Gospels were about Jesus’ death in percentages and blanks. He taught us about Gospel writers called Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

After that, we watched a video about a green alien singing ‘I will survive’- this demonstrated that we were ‘witnesses’ just like the Gospel writers.

In our book we wrote: ‘The Gospel writers focused on the death of Jesus because they thought it was important.’ We also filled in a bar chart to show us how much Gospels were focused on Jesus’ death in percentages. John wrote the most about Jesus’ death with 40 %!

We watched 7 separate videos about Jesus’ last week and created a biography of the events after each clip. For example, when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey with palm leaves being waived for a royal welcome.

Following that, Kevin taught us some symbols and their meaning and took us through a Passover meal (also known as communion) communion is when Christians eat bread (Which symbolises Jesus’ body) and drink wine (Which symbolises Jesus’ blood).

Finally, after finishing our booklet’s, Kevin said a prayer before we left to go home. I thought the trip was interesting because I learned how Jesus died and got resurrected from the dead.


By Henry Chukwuonye.

Libanus Church Trip


On Friday 29 March 2019 at 1:00pm, Mr Higgins and year 5 went on a school trip to Libanus church, to learn about Jesus’ last week alive.  Myself and Mr Higgins and the rest of the smart year 5’s caught a small bus from the big school (Llangyfelach primary school) to the grand Libanus Church. On the bus I sat next to Toby (my friend who likes rugby). On the bus, my teacher had my epi-pen (something you stab you knee with when you’re having an allergic reaction) in case I have something with nuts in, which thankfully didn’t happen, which is a relief because I had a delicious mars bar, which said “May contain peanut’s” on the back, but thankfully didn’t. After ten long and relaxing minutes, we finally arrived at the grand Libanus Church, which I thought was VERY big.

Firstly, Kevin (the church worker) welcomed us to the grand Libanus church. The church was big but Kevin told us where everything was (the fire exit and the toilets) which I thought was very helpful in case there was a fire. Kevin gave us some booklets to fill in and complete activities about the Easter story. First we did a pray.

Next we began by filling in the information about ourselves. Kevin explained to us what we would be looking at (gospels, filling in blanks and bar charts) we watched a cool video about an alien singing “I will survive” which was very interesting. Kevin added “this demonstrates how we were witnesses but saw different things – just like the gospel writers: Mathew Mark Luke and John.”

Next, we filled in our small booklets, to show what the friendly gospel writers wrote about.

After that, we watched 7 short videos about Jesus’ last week alive. Jesus enters Jerusalem, the Passover meal, Judas, Soldiers mock Jesus the Crucifixion He is risen He is king. Personally  I think they were very interesting but not very realistic

Then Kevin taught us some symbols and their meaning and took us through communion. Offering tasty bread and cool wine (actually fruit juice). Sam had the bread which was Jesus’ body and Ellie had the wine ( fruit juice ).

Finally, Kevin said a short pray after finishing our Easter work books, then we left to go home.

By Thomas Mills



On Friday, 29th of March 2019 12:45, Year 5, Mr. Higgins ad Miss Rigdon went to Libanus church Morriston on a school trip. We learnt about Jesus’s last week alive also, how he was crucified told everyone the wine (fruit juice) symbolised his blood and how the bread symbolised his body.


At 12:45 we caught a small red and white bus. Personally I thought it would be bigger with 3 seats on one side and 2 on the other, but there was 2 on each side-that was okay tough because, it was only 10 minutes down the road to Morriston. My partners were Roxy and Olivia (my BEST friends!!! Mia is also my best friend).

After the short journey down the road, Kevin welcomed us to this lovely big church (Kevin works at the church and sometimes comes to our school-Llangyfelach primary school and does assemblies) There was a couple of step leading up to the church and it was a lovely sunny day with only a few clouds in the sky.  

When we walked into the church Kevin told us to have a look at the display that he had set up. It had loads of little Easter decorations and had Easter eggs on it as well. I liked the display because it was bright and colourful.

Then we walked into this large room with 2 banners on each side of the board. Next Kevin told us to sit in these rows of chairs. I sat in the second row next to Thomas on the end. There were these clipboards with these booklets on them we learnt how much of the gospels wrote. The least was 10% and John had the most with 40%.

Furthermore, Kevin told us where the fire exits (or the emergency exits) were, but Kevin said “not to worry,” because there hadn’t been an emergency for over 180 years. Then, Kevin told us to put our names at the top of the booklet, so we know whose booklet is who’s.

Kevin then showed us 8 videos. The first video was an alien singing ‘I will survive’ but then a disco ball fell on top of the alien and crushed him. We were all confused as to why Kevin showed us that video, but then he told us we were ‘witnesses’ and we all watched the same video and explained parts of the video differently – like the gospel writers.

The second video was about when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey. Everybody was waving palm leaves, shouting “Bless the king!” Also, I noticed how happy everybody was when he arrived.

Next, Kevin showed us a third video about Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss, because the Roman’s paid Judas money to tell them where they could find Jesus. Judas told them “When I give Jesus a kiss, that’s the signal, then come in.”

The fourth video was about when the Romans took Jesus to their leader and put him in a red coat and placed a crown of thorns on Jesus’ head. But the leader couldn’t find anything wrong with Jesus, so the Romans took Jesus to Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor.

Then, the fifth video was about when the Romans took Jesus to Pontius Pilate. Pontius Pilate asked Jesus if he was the son of God, Jesus replied “Yes,” and that was enough for the Romans. They took him to be crucified. There were two robbers on each side of Jesus (also being crucified). One of them said “Will you remember me in Heaven? I am sorry.”

Jesus replied that later “You will see me in Heaven.”

Then, the sixth video was about when Jesus rises. After being crucified, Jesus’ friends asked for the body, and they put his body into a tomb, with a large, heavy stone in front of the entrance of the tomb. Two days later, one of Jesus’ friends - called Mary Magdalene – went to the tomb. She started to cry because she thought someone took her Lord’s body away. Then, a man comforted Mary, she thought he was a gardener, but then the man said he was Jesus. She ran to tell her friends “He has risen, he has risen!”

Later, the seventh video was about when Jesus became king. Everybody was cheering and shouting – Jesus became king.

After the seventh video, it was time to go. Personally, I had loads of fun and learnt a lot about Jesus’ last week alive. Just before we left, Kevin said a prayer to get us home safely. Then we got onto the bus and went back to school.

By Emilia Dyke


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